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Spring Those Green Onions From The Fridge!
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Spring Those Green Onions From The Fridge!

In general, we refrigerate things to keep them as fresh as we can, for as long as we can. A good way to think of it is attempting to preserve once living matter, that is now dead, and prevent it from being subject to extensive cellular degradation. Most vegetables still remain alive after they have been plucked from the nurturing warmth of their former growing medium. In particular, the lovable green onion, or scallion, not only stays alive, but continues to grow irrespective of whether its roots are nestled in soil or not. Me being a vegetable gardener, and my own personal chef, I deal with scallions literally on a daily basis, and I can say with confidence that they are just lovely little things, that don't seem to even know when to stop growing. They're grow crazy. So, with that said, I propose that when you pull that bundle of spring onions from the shopping bag, and start to approach the refrigerator with the intent of placing them inside to preserve them – stop! Freeze! Don't go any further! Turn around, grab a glass vase, large cup or any type of content holding receptacle, pour in some life juice (otherwise known as water), and place within its hollow chasm, your beloved green friends. This is the practice of promoting life, instead of preserving death. It's something that your body likes to do as well :-)

Now, I am a big advocate of personal gardens, as knowing how to grow your own food is an invaluable skill that a human can possess. Plucking scallions from your garden is always a great way to consume the best quality spring onions, as well as keeping them happy and fresh. However, for those who have inhibitive circumstances for painting their thumb green, the next best thing is to buy local, as locally grown food is, one, closer to a state of freshness (i.e. still alive), and two, the expenditure employed to get it to the store is considerably less. But there is nothing like strolling outside and clipping some leafy growths, fresh from the stem (or the ground), and ingesting their goodness within minutes of having harvested them – alive and buxom with all their original nutrients.

So, now you can get one step closer to being one with everything, and spring those scallions from the fridge, allowing them to get their grow on, rather than slowly withering away in the cold box. It's good times for all! ^_^

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  1. Carolyn
    Vote #3 Simplify! Wow I have always refrigerated green onions! I guess because my mother did and her mother did!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yep, lucky number 3 hehe. Thank you for the vote :-) ...And also, the green onions can be replanted in soil, and they can grow like that as well. Just take the lower portion that you don't use, and you plant that, either in water or soil (but planting it in soil produces a stronger stalk). And then what happens is, eventually you will start to see a stalk with a bud appear when you allow it to grow long enough. So, basically it will flower and produce seeds, so you'll have an unlimited source of green onions. Thus is the cycle of gardening ^_^
  2. Roopam
    That's some cool advise! We always stock green onions...of course in the fridge. I shall implement this suggestion of yours this time. #4
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      I'm glad that you found this helpful. I'm going to post some more articles about magical vegetable growth soon :-) But yeah, definitely give this a try, because it could potentially end saving you some moola by making your spring onions last longer And thanks for the vote, Roopam :-)
  3. Carolyn
    Congratulations for making Top Posts!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Thank you Carolyn :-) I appreciate the support. I have some more postings in the works. They'll be coming around soon, so there will be plenty more opportunities for you to get your read on!
  4. Caroline Jones
    Caroline Jones
    Love this! Voted.


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