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Soy Now Good for Women With Breast Cancer
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Soy Now Good for Women With Breast Cancer

Good news! For the longest time, people have falsely believed that women with a history of breast cancer in their families or that were at risk for any other factor can now relax and enoy their soy if they want.  Studies have proven that they can go back to enjoying their healthy and vegan food as they wish.

The reason behind this is quite simple. Previous studies have found that a natural compound found in soybeans called soy isoflavones have a similar effect to estroegen, but at a much weaker level. These same studies stated that this is a cause of breast cancer by promoting the growth of breast cancer cells. However, this compund being much weaker than actual estrogen, it isn't enough to do any harm at all.

To make matters even more interesting, soy isoflavones have been found to reduce risks of breast cancer reocurrence. This compound, once thought to interfere with the drug normally used to reduce the chances of reoccurence, actually works along with the drug.

Please note that this study was not conducted on soy isoflavone supplements, and that the 10,000 people in the study group were from China and the US, and were followed for a period of 8 years. All were breast cancer survivors.

On another note, soy products of all kinds are now celebrating their acceptance in the FDA as a product that can be used to help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by keeping cholesterol levels down, and they even have the right to flaunt it on the product labels. That, along with the fact that the American Heart Association is encouraging soy consumption to help reduce heart disease, are significant proof that society is moving towards a healthier, leaner style of diet. Who is breathing a sigh of relief along with me? **siiiiiiiighhhhhhhh**.

Now, for the fun part. I came across this absolutely adorable video and just HAD to share it with you. Take a look (but please don't forget to be patient and wait until the publicity is over):  click here.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    That cat reminds me so much of my big boy, Seth! He was huge, though. This one may just be a baby.
  2. kristo
    voted, great info!
  3. BuddhasDelight
    i love how well researched and articulated your posts always are. thanks for the info! the only 'devil's advocate' type o thing i have to offer is that i personally have started to avoid soy as recommended while being treated for reproductive/hormonal problems. soy aggrivates such conditions as endometriosis, etc and soy has been linked to the development of such disease as well. i guess it's good for one illness bad for another? weird, but based on my own journey, it's proven to be an irritant for sure so i avoid it. that being said, i think if it doesn't bother your system, go for it. my biggest and only other issue with soy is that i have recently being doing a lot of research and have discovered that up to 99% of the soy produced in this country is genetically modified. i am not into that at all and have gotten really strict about looking for that gmo-free butterfly on packages! i would really love it if soy could be reliably, sustainably and more healthfully produced.
    1. BuddhasDelight
      thanks again for article... thought provoking. an easy vote! blessings, snakewitch. :)
      1. SnakeWitch
        You're welcome. I definitely understand that soy can be a problem for some people, though, just like allergies keep some people from eating healthy foods like fruits at times. I'm just glad that several of us can now stop wondering if we're killing ourselves slowly! Like mentioned as well, organic or at least non-gmo soy is a must. I forgot to put that in my article.
  4. Akanksha
    wow..studies can be so confusing sometimes! Thanks for posting about cancer..I am looking forward to know more about it.
    1. SnakeWitch
      I might do more research, then. I don't know what to write about for my next article, so maybe that will be it - more benefits of soy, or the types to avoid, and so on.
  5. Zack
    Awesome post! The confusing part is that if women have not been eating soy before menopause and then start eating it, the isoflavones, or plant estrogen, can actually increase estrogen levels which may lead to cancer. So you need to start early to get the benefits of soy without the negative aspects even effecting you! Voted =)
    1. SnakeWitch
      Ahhh, there is a catch. Good to know.
  6. Anita Vegana
    Very good information. Thank you for this! I voted. Please come read my article, What is a Superfood?, and vote if you enjoyed reading it.
    1. SnakeWitch
  7. Carolyn
    Vote #9! Great article! Yes, I have read several things saying that soy was not good for women...Thanks again for the update!
    1. SnakeWitch
      I must say I've been lucky with the canadian home page for msn. They're talking more and more about veganism or, at least, vegetarianism lately.
  8. Luella Berg
    Luella Berg
    Great news! Voted, and shared on Facebook. :-)
    1. SnakeWitch
      Thank you!
  9. Veganara
    Voted. Great information here, thanks. The research about soy is all quite confusing though, conflicting reports. Like Buddhas Delight, I have cut right down on it: I have substitued plant milks, in place of soy milk, for one thing. I still sometimes have tofu and soy mince though. I thought it best not to overdo it, from reports I have heard about it. Love the video as well!!!
    1. SnakeWitch
      Well, there's nothing wrong with what you did unless you feel deprived because of it. I can see that you substituted well and you can relax about the bits of soy that you did eat. I will just mention that these soy products should have at least a non-gmo certification to avoid getting the Monsanto bug!
  10. SnakeWitch
    Woo-hoo! I am now a reviewer as well! And you can be, too!


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