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Solve Glamour Glitches Naurally
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Solve Glamour Glitches Naurally

When purchasing new beauty products, you might discover a few tiny problems with them that are attempting to ruin your style. Maybe the product doesn’t feel good or last. This might not be a defect with the actual product, but its application. Here are some tips to solve the problem and get back to looking beautiful! 

  • 1. Moisturizer feels dry 

What gives non-organic moisturizers their smooth, silky appeal? Chemicals and ingredients such as squalene (alarmingly taken from the livers of sharks). Yeah, doesn’t sound that good, does it? If your natural moisturizer is packed with vitamins and plant nutrients but it feels dry when you apply it, check that you have purchased the right one for your skin. For instance, you might be prone to dry skin and could do with a more intensive product. A good tip when using a moisturizer that lacks smoothness upon application is to pat your face with water before applying it.

  • 2. Cream eye shadow creases 

Organic cream eye shadow is tempting: it looks luxurious and has an all-natural satin effect to give your eyelids a pop of glamour. The problem is it might do what other cream eye colors do: crease and wrinkle! The good thing is that the wrinkle effect can be solved easily: when applying the cream eye shadow to your eyelids, make sure you use your fingertips to smooth it into the skin. Also try to use less of the product where the eyelid naturally crinkles. If your eye shadow has creased, use your fingers again to push the creases away and smooth the product. Easy damage control that doesn’t require more of the product to be used!

  • 3. Mascara on the run 

Any mascara can end up running, which is never a good look - the raccoon eyes are best left to the bad side of the 80s! If you have a product that runs but you don’t want to throw it out, you can use it with some extra application tips to help keep it in place. Wait between coats so that you allow the mascara to dry properly. It could also be a good idea to resist the temptation to apply mascara to your lower lashes as these are most likely to run onto your skin. If you simply have to, make sure you apply some powder to the area under your eyes to do damage control while you’re out of reach of a mirror.

  • 4. Chapped lips 

Not all lip balm is created equal! You might find that it gives your lips a nice sheen but doesn’t actually feel like it’s moisturizing them. Combat this problem with some homemade ideas to provide your lips with extra TLC. Rub sugar into your lips to get rid of dry skin, then wash it off with lukewarm water. (Avoid brushing your lips with a damp toothbrush as this can actually create more ridges on your skin!) You could also slice a cucumber and rub this cool vegetable over your lips for about 10 minutes.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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