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Soccer Player Shoots Moose "Through the Heart"
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Soccer Player Shoots Moose "Through the Heart"

Yet another celebrity has angered animal activists by killing a moose when he went on a recent hunting trip in Sweden.

The offender? Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a popular soccer player from Paris Saint-German. He killed the animal, which was said to weigh 500kg, by shooting it through its heart. Shockingly, some people admired the soccer player for this action, one of them being the Swedish Association for Hunting’s general secretary.

But others have not been impressed, and rightly so. Sweden’s Animal Rights Union has been angered by what Ibrahimovic has done. It’s not just about the poor animal being killed, but also about how celebrities who partake in hunting and killing of animals portray their support of it, as pointed out by Camilla Björkbom, who works at the Union.

She has a point, with Ibrahimovic being a fine example. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the star has been hunting. Ibrahimovic is said to possess a hunting license and has previously expressed how much he enjoys the pastime. Earlier this year, he featured in an advertisement for Volvo in which he pointed his gun at a moose. He is said to retreat to his native Sweden when he is on break from his soccer, where he likes to hunt moose, pigs and deer which he has claimed offer the best meat in the world, according to The New York Times. Sadly, hunting is legal in Sweden, and approximately 100,000 moose are killed annually in the country.

With such a track record, why is Ibrahimovic only being criticised for his behavior now? In spite of Ibrahimovic having hunted before, and the legality of hunting in the country, animal rights activists have raged against the killing of the moose because they did not approve of the high amount of publicity that the news story received in media. With newspapers in Sweden showing off Ibrahimovic’s moose 'trophy' that weighed 500kg, it seems to have glorified the act.



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