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Small Steps, Starting with Coconut Oil
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Small Steps, Starting with Coconut Oil

One day while watching, Dr. Oz, there was a plethora of information about food. What we should avoid, and what we should consider to add to our diets to make them healthier for us. Well, one of those items was coconut oil. From that point on, I was hooked. I couldn't believe how simple it was to change over to coconut oil and replace most everything I was using butter on or with. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things that I have found not to quite work as well, but I would say 95% of things that I have tried it with so far has been a success.

Some of you who have not tried coconut oil yet might think that it would taste a lot like coconut. Well, yes and no. I really thought it would be over powering to put it on toast, but to my surprise, it has a very light coconut taste and is smooth and rich. The only part I had to get over was the look of it. I was so used to looking at butter for my whole life, that the coconut oil looked like I was spreading vaseline on my breakfast! But, once I tasted it, that part didn't matter anymore. I now use it for anything and everything that I would have thought to use butter with. I especially like it to put in my pancake recipes, and to grease the pan with too. Smoothies are also a great thing to add the oil to just because it has all of the good fats that our body wants and needs.

Switching over has been very easy for my tastebuds, but what about health? Well, that is even better! We are helping out the health of ourselves, animals, and our planet. For our animals and planet it is quite obvious that the less meat and dairy we consume, the better off they are, and in the long run for us as well. But, just by eating coconut oil, there are benefits like increasing your metabolism and lowering cholesterol. When consumed, coconut oil gets used as energy very quickly and is burned off. Little amounts of it can be stored as fat. Whereas with butter, all of it can quickly turn into fat. That in itself is enough reason for me to do a switch!

That being said, don't be afraid to try something new! You just might change your old habits into something that is beneficial for you and everything on this planet alike.

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  1. Alex
    Q, Thanks a whole lot for this. I live on an island with lots of coconut trees. And I just take this coconut for granted. From now on, I will look at coconut differently. Thank God for coconuts! Voted. -Alex
    1. QQ Quotes
      QQ Quotes
      Thanks :)
  2. Dana Cherie
    Dana Cherie
    I shared coconut oil with my mom and sister recently- they loved it! I think they'll be buying some of their own. I love how versatile it is. I use it as lotion, too! Its applications are endless.
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      QQ Quotes
      I use it for beauty products as well too! Thanks for the comment :)
  3. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Good points. Voted.
  4. BuddhasDelight
    i looove everything coconut! it has wild health benefits and tastes yumtastic! voted. please check out my new coconut curried lentil recipe and vote if you like it. :) cheers!


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