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Singers from The Veronicas Body-Shamed For Vegan Diet and Being Too Thin
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Singers from The Veronicas Body-Shamed For Vegan Diet and Being Too Thin

When you look at the two sisters making up the band The Veronicas, you might be quick to label them skinny. But the twin sisters, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, have been dealing with negative body-shaming comments - and it's exacerbated because they follow vegan diets. Body shaming is never okay! Here's more about the story and how you can deal with body shamers in your own life. 

  • We're Healthy and Sick of Being Treated Badly! 

Recently, the sisters spoke about their diets and eating choices in an interview with News Corp Australia. They said they're focused on and passionate about health and tired of being given a hard time for it. They insisted they're following a healthy diet, rich in good fats and healthy carbs, in spite of being vegan. People on social media haven't been so nice to the stars, however. Recently, one person commented on the band's Facebook page that they have to eat something for crying out loud. The band replied coolly with their shopping list demands, filled with delicious and nutritious vegan foods. That'll teach 'em.

  • Dealing with Body Shamers

But how should you deal with body shamers who equate your vegan diet with being unhealthy, or those who put you down for your body type and use your vegan diet against you? 

  • First, you don't have to explain yourself. It's key to remember that although shutting down a body shamer - or vegan shamer! - is satisfying, you don't have to explain your dietary choices to anyone. Period. 
  • Floor them with facts. People might assume that being thin means that your vegan diet isn't giving you enough nutrients, but draw some inspiration from The Veronicas and give people the facts. If they say you're not eating, tell them what you are eating. Be specific. You can even throw in how much healthier these vegan items are when compared to meat. If you stick to the facts and avoid getting emotional, this doesn't give the body shamers the joy of getting a reaction out of you. 
  • Focus on health. Steer the conversation away from weight and focus on health. Say that you're vegan because you want to be healthy and that you are. Even if they doubt this, it's not up to you to convince them. If they challenge you with, 'How can you be healthy? You're so thin/overweight!' you have a right to throw them with, 'Meat diets are not healthy. Perhaps you should be looking at your own lifestyle instead of mine.' Or just walk away. It takes two to fight and you don't need that drama in your life.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Eva Rinaldi

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