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Singapore Loves Vegans!
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Singapore Loves Vegans!

I have visited several Asian cities and have to say that for vegetarians and vegans, Singapore is the place to go. The city-state of Singapore is just above the equator and is situated between Malaysia and Indonesia. English is widely spoken as it is one of the four official languages (English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil) and you will hear a multitude of other languages spoken everywhere you go.

What is surprising about this city is that it completely feels like the west. I often wondered if I was back in Toronto as it is very orderly, clean and incredibly multicultural.

Singapore hosts a mosaic of cultures from all over the world which makes eating out incredibly exciting. Flavours and spices from everywhere! A great way to sample different treats is to visit one of the many hawkers’ markets, which is basically a market of fast food, but really good, fresh and clean fast food. In these markets, there are usually a few vegetarian and vegan only stalls that sell Buddhist vegan fare such as mock meats, vegetables, noodles and rice, and food that is often garlic and onion free. I had the tastiest tofu and mock pork in one of these from a Chinese vendor which used an amazing spice blend which contained a generous amount of star anise. (Star anise is now on my shopping list)

Little India is also a great place to find vegan and vegetarian food. I have never seen so many signs that printed the words “vegetarian restaurant.” There are at least 2 per block, which I thought was quite impressive. I can’t think of another city that has so many vegetarian only restaurants. Indian food varies in price and is not as cheap as the hawker markets, so it can be a little more difficult if you are on a tight budget. Even if you are not a fan of Indian cuisine, it is well worth visiting little India to see the vibrantly pained buildings and temples. I felt like I was walking through a city of rainbows.

The city has excellent parks, and walking is easy and very stimulating as everything in this city is beautiful with a mixture of futuristic architecture and colourfully painted colonial buildings line the streets. Before visiting Singapore, I had only heard about how expensive it was. Yes, hotels cost a lot in this city, but eating out and transport costs next to nothing. The city is also a major airport hub to many other Asian countries and flights are usually quite inexpensive in this part of the world, making Singapore a possibility for a short stop over.

I look forward to visiting this city again in the future, even if it is just to eat amazing vegan food.

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  1. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Good to know about Singapore - a place to be....for vegs n vegans....Voted! :)
  2. JustVegan
    Great to hear there are so many vegan options in Singapore too. voted.
  3. SnakeWitch
    Well, this is interesting. I may put this on my 'to visit someday' list! Voted!
  4. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog, well written and certainly makes Singapore sound very appealing! SE Asia seems to be a haven for vegans, going by your blogs, it is next on my list of places to visit! Out of votes for now, but I will come back and vote tomorrow.
  5. moregreensplease
    Quite a while back I visited Singapore and I remember walking through an area where it felt like I was back home in the states.On my walk I stopped in to a mall to get a bathing suit.After I bought the bathing suit I stepped back outside and it had started raining,so I went back inside and looked for an umbrella.Thankfully I didn't find one because it was sunny when I went outside again.So I continued my walk and I started to get hungry.After a few minutes of walking I found a tiny restaurant with tables outside.When I walked up to the front of the resaurant to take a look at the menu I was given an inviting greeting from an older gentleman.He seated me and as I was not at all sure what to order,he just brought me a lunch plate that was so good and it felt very inviting to get great service and holsom food from people who were from a different culture and time.
  6. Carolyn
    Looks like you have already made Top Posts! Congrats friend!
  7. Veganara
    Voted, and thank you for your vote on my crostini recipe. I made TPs in record time, woohoo!!
  8. laurentiumarian
    i like what i read here. thank you


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