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Simply Guava
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Simply Guava

The winds swayed the thin guava tree and with the calculated precision of gravity, the fruits swung lustfully as well. They were temptingly luscious. I reached out to grab one but it was a good four meters away and I wouldn't want to have memories of me falling from our terrace. My kids would never quit teasing me about it if their fat daddy fell off the terrace just to get a guava. 

I had to think like Macgyver.

Queue in the Macgyver theme...


Viola, it is as if nature itself has spoken to me and told me what to do. It was a simple matter of movement. The tree was thin so it was swaying as the winds pushed her. The tools:

  • A thin bamboo pole
  • An umbrella
  • A small metal hook, quite possibly something from the kids' toys
  • Some rope
  • Duct tape - oh, we don't have those. An electrical tape would do

Phase 1

First, I had to fasten the metal hook at the edge of the bamboo pole. I then wrapped it with electrical tape. 

"Grab my shirt", I told my wife who was looking at the guava with glee. 

I leaned forward and hitched the hook at the edge of the pole around the smallest branch and pulled. It was a small miracle of sorts that I didn't fall. Slowly, inch by inch, the nearest branch hesitantly evaded my grasp. Ah, but there's no escape from a determined man. 

When the branch was near I grabbed it and held firmly. The legendary and rough guava leaves made me feel a sense of pride. I felt macho because I grabbed a branch.

The prize was within my hands and what a lovely bounty it was. Perfectly ripe for eating and juicing. 

We didn't get the remaining unripe fruits because they were still too hard and bitter for consumption. Their time will come and when that time comes, picking them should be easier this time around. 

Phase 2

After we have taken our share of ripe guavas, I then tied the rope around the thickest junction of branches that I could reach. It was a good half an inch in diameter so it should hold fast. 

I let the tree go and it bounced back to its original standing position albeit a little inclined towards the right. I then fastened the other edge of the rope to our terrace, ready to be pulled should we desire another guava fruit. Only this time, I wouldn't have to channel my inner MacGyver just to reach for it. 

It's like having your own fruit stand only the bounties of it are free. 

We ate some of the guavas as my wife juiced the others. I'd recommend vinegar and sold for eating. While honey and sugar were added to the juice.


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  1. deepam
    This reminds me to go look at our own Guava tree, thanks. lived it and voted.
    1. Daniel Garcia
      Daniel Garcia
      Thank you Deepam, it's guava season here in the Philippines
  2. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    I really like the way you wrote this as a story. Great post!
    1. Daniel Garcia
      Daniel Garcia
      Thank you Melissa, I am practicing writing like this. I stay up late at night thinking that I need to write a book. After maybe 2,000,000 words and over 3,000 blog posts all over the Internet, I think it's about time. But I can't! Blogging is simply different. So I'm forcing myself to write like this.


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