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Shredded Coconut Stir fry
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Shredded Coconut Stir fry

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Fresh coconut is an excellent addition to vegetable dishes. It is chewy, crunchy and is full of that beautiful nutty and creamy flavour and texture. Aside from being delicious, coconut also is a wonder food packed with vitamins, fat, (good fat) fights viruses, improves your skin, builds cells and much, much more!

Any sort of vegetable can be used in this dish. I used what was on hand and it turned out amazingly.

¼ fresh coconut, shredded

2 heads bok choy

1 cup baby corn, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

½ cup green beans, chopped

2 tbsp ginger, chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 chilly pepper, chopped

dash of soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

With a grater or food processor, shred the coconut.

Heat a drop of oil in a large frying pan and add the garlic, ginger, chilly, and coconut and heat until golden brown.

Add the remaining ingredients and cook until vegetables are of a desired consistency. Serve over steamed rice or noodles.

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  1. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    This is such an easy coconut recipe....I like the lovely combi of veggies you make kristo. I'll sure give it a try! :) Voted! :)
  2. Anita Vegana
    Sorry to bother you with this, but I am wondering about the payments.... I know it may seem a little shallow to be doing this for the money, but I am in a situation where I can't write just for the fun of it, and working from home is a must for me at the moment due to a very difficult time I am going through. It's not a disability - believe me, at times I wish it were, but as they say, careful what you wish for, it might actually happen! - but it is still something that needs to be taken care of, and may take a very long time. However, what I feel is wrong is that the Rolling Without Limits crew - who are the same as the The Flaming Vegan guys - told me that if I am not happy with the way things work, to just stop writing. They lied to me twice about the amount of time they promise to pay their writers - they claim it's ten days, when in the FAQ (on TFV) it clearly says EVERY WEDNESDAY. I am very bothered by this as I am now starting to think that they won't pay me. My first unpaid post to make it to top page was a week ago. They're supposed to pay every Wednesday. What's wrong? Why aren't they doing what they promise to do? I wouldn't be so upset if they hadn't been so rude, or if they actually had a good reason to be doing this. But they don't. What's their game???
    1. kristo
      I understand what you mean. I have been payed but it has been slower than usual. I'm sure that your payment will come eventually :)
      1. SnakeWitch
        I just want to ask you - did you get paid for EVERY article? I haven't been paid since the 27th, and they owe me one article here and one on Rolling Without Limits. If they paid you but not us - Maggie too, and maybe even Shabs - that's blatantly unfair. Please confirm. Thanks.
        1. SnakeWitch
          Oh, can voted for you, of course, 'cause your recipes are awesome.
        2. kristo
          I was payed for one or two over the holidays, (though not as quickly as usual) and the rest this morning.
  3. moregreensplease
    Thank you for the recipe,I'm going to try this tonight.Voted.
  4. Veganara
    Voted, atlhough belatedly! It sounds awesome; I love stir-fries anyway, but I never thought of adding coconut to them! Btw, I have just submitted a blog about my Xmas break, which you said you were interested in, A Very Veggie Xmas In A Castle! So hope you enjoy reading that :-)
  5. Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh
    sounds good.


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