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Should You Try Vegetarianism Before Being Vegan?
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Should You Try Vegetarianism Before Being Vegan?

Some people become vegan straight away while others tend to opt for a vegetarian lifestyle first. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer and you need to think about what works for you. However, it is good to know the pros and cons of each so that prevent any obstacles in your way.

  • Going Vegetarian First

There are quite a few advantages to becoming vegetarian before full-on vegan. One of the most obvious is that it gives you a chance to adjust if you really enjoyed non-vegan foods in your diet and will be tempted to consume them again. By initially starting out as vegetarian, you can still eat dairy and eggs, but you will cut meat from your diet. It’s sort of a way to help you ease into veganism while helping you get used to the lifestyle change. The downside of vegetarianism is that you might not ever make the transition to being 100% vegan. You might also slip back into your non-vegetarian ways because there’s no big commitment that you have made. However, what’s important here is to ask yourself WHY you are vegetarian and have a really strong reason for it. For instance, it could be that you are against animal cruelty. This will also help you understand if vegetarianism is good to take as a pit-stop - or if you should just go into full-blown veganism right away.

  • Going Straight to Veganism

Becoming a vegan overnight can feel overwhelming, but it can be done. To make the switch more comfortable, prepare yourself. Set a date ahead of time and plan your diet and lifestyle so that you won’t hit any obstacles. An example of an obstacle is feeling like you’re not eating a varied, nutritious diet (which can be prevented by stocking up your kitchen ahead of time). The good thing about going from non-vegan to vegan is that you commit to a lifestyle choice immediately and, much like giving up cigarettes cold turkey instead of weaning yourself off, it can help you embrace the change quicker. As with any change, it takes 21 weeks to instil a good habit so it’s worth giving yourself time to adjust to your new lifestyle! And remember, everyone’s journey is different. You might find yourself slipping a few times but that is okay. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to find the right balance for yourself. This is a lifestyle change, not a fad. Although the vegan topic can be quite heated at times, the main thing to remember is that it has to feel right for YOU otherwise it won’t work. *Image courtesy of Dave_Pot  /Dollar Photo Club

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  1. Support
    Great food for thought. Thanks for the post!
  2. Kanariecavia
    This is the first time I log in here and it's the first piece I started to read. Thank you so much for stating that my 33 years of vegetarianism has been "no big commitment". Thank you for your arrogant statement that vegetarianism is a "good pitstop". Thank you for completely ignoring the fact that I have been yelled at, called names, ridiculed, asked gross questions like: "so I assume you don't suck dick because then you'd have meat in your mouth"all because I said I did not eat meat. Thank you so much for stating that the only right way is your way. I feel so welcomed. I have gone vegan a while ago and I must say, I have come across quite some vegan statements that basically claimed I have been wrong all this time. . It's like talking to a rigid meat eater. Thank you sooooo much.
    1. Skip Stein
      Skip Stein
      Wow, you have real anger issues don't you!?
  3. Skip Stein
    Skip Stein
    Well a lot depends on basic motivation and why you are considering a lifestyle change! If you are doing it because you want better health, then going straight vegan is the way to go. Animal concerns, then vegan again! Frankly, it's difficult to find a reason to only do a vegetarian thing when it is SO EASY to become vegan and plant based in today's world. There are so many 'meat analogues' that you can purchase or make yourself; easily! Cheaper than the 'real thing' it will save you big bucks in a short period of time. Dairy is one of the worst things for your overall health ( and that includes a host of processed products that for some unknown reason seem to contain dairy and dairy byproducts (whey). Again, there are SO many delicious alternatives that you can purchase OR make yourself - again saving money. Concerned about the planet? Go Vegan Plant Based once again! Animal production for food is one of the worst contributors to 'global warming' gasses, deforestation and pollution there is! Frankly, I find it really difficult to find any reason at all NOT to be vegan and live a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. There really isn't one if you really think about it! Skip Stein Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living


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