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Should You Replace Meals with Vegan Shakes?
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Should You Replace Meals with Vegan Shakes?

If you wish you could gain all your nutrients from an easy shake you drink instead of having to plan meals, you will probably like the sound of this: a British company has launched a range of powdered food that will replace all your meals. 

·  Powder: Future Food We're Eating Now

Do you remember that scene from the cartoon 'Dexter' decades ago where they played on the joke that in the future people would be eating pills as meals? It seemed like something far out into the future but it’s really closer than we think. Meal replacements, although not pills but powdered foods, are becoming popular with people who want to lose weight or just have the ease of nutrition without the cooking that goes behind preparing meals. The latest shakes causing a spin are those from a company called Huel (which stands for 'human fuel') and they are known as the future of food because they contain every nutrient you need in a convenient drink. They're made with real vegan food, so there are no worries about animal ingredients sneaking into your meals. What are some of the pros and cons of relying on powdered food instead of cooked meals?


·  They’re convenient and save you time.

·  They save you money by decreasing the amount of food you need. 

·  They’re a clever way to handle the crisis of less food being available on the planet due to factors such as global warming.

·  They prevent food waste. 



·  Experts say that you can’t get all your nutrition from shakes. Sure, they might be full of vitamins found in fresh food, but they’re lacking antioxidants in such produce. Antioxidants in fresh food only last a few hours before diminishing in potency, so to get them you have to eat lots of fresh food a few times a day. If you want to drink shakes, then at least add some fresh produce and grains to it so that you fortify your meals. When it comes down to it, there is never going to be anything as great as fresh food from the earth. 

·  What about the pleasure of eating? Digging a fork into a thick, creamy vegan pasta or enjoying the crunch of a fresh salad? Food is not only appealing for our taste buds but all senses! 

·  Sitting down for meals is good for our bodies (it helps us digest properly) as well as our emotional wellbeing. We connect with loved ones when we share meals together. Relying too heavily on powdered meals strips away all elements of the dining experience. 

*Image courtesy Comugnero Silvana / Dollar Photo Club

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