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Should Vegans Wear Faux Fur?
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Should Vegans Wear Faux Fur?

The arrival of faux fur on the fashion scene sounds like something victorious: women can still indulge in their need to wear fur without any animals being harmed. But should vegans really be wearing fur? The choice is personal, just like any other fashion decision, however there are some points to consider.

Mistaken Identity

It’s not really about the fact that the fur is fake and not derived from animals. That’s the good part. Rather, the issue of wearing faux fur could be more personal than that. If you have always looked down on people who wore animal-derived clothing, such as leather or fur, wearing the fake varieties might make you worry that others will think the items are genuine. This is not about feeling that you have to answer to anyone, but as a vegan you might not wish to give others the impression that your personal style is conflicting with your deep beliefs.

It’s Not Real, But…

You could be strongly against wearing real fur but also the fake variety because it symbolizes what the genuine fur condones: the killing of innocent animals. You might feel it is along the same lines as having fake deer heads hung on your living room wall. You know it’s not real and your friends know it’s not real, but it’s still disturbing to you. So, you might not want to be flaunting what fur symbolises - the killing of animals - on any level.

Positive Thread?

On the other hand, wearing faux fur could be giving others a positive message: that there are alternatives to using animal fur for clothing. To be clear about your stand on this issue, you could wear a pin on your clothing that tells others that your fur is completely vegan. You could find examples of such pins on the PETA website.


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  1. Miriam Weber
    Miriam Weber
    The pin sounds like a really good idea. I wear a lot of *faux* fur, it's just kind of how I am comfortable and it's a big part of my style. Making everyone aware that it's not real is a great idea and I can see how its symbolism might be a big turn off for people


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