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Should People Be Forced to Become Vegan?  
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Should People Be Forced to Become Vegan?  

Feeling passionate about saving the animals and being vegan is a wonderful thing. It keeps you motivated to living a healthier, kinder life. It might also make you wish that everyone around you was vegan too, such as your BBQ-loving boyfriend or your fur-adorned friend. Should you put up with it or try to force people to embrace a vegan lifestyle? Some vegan activists seem to cross a line when their passion for vegan lifestyles becomes a little crazy.

  • Militant Vegan

A recent example is an Australian fitness blogger who published a video of herself asking if some non-vegans deserve to live. She calls herself Freelee the Banana Girl and her video caused outrage when it was reposted to the LiveLeak website, snatching thousands of comments. Her reason for wanting the deaths of people who eat dairy and meat is that they know what a negative impact their dietary choices are having on the environment and animals, and yet they still continue to follow them.

  • Do you agree with Banana Girl? 

Although it is sad that with greater awareness of our planet’s suffering people still continue to eat foods that are placing a negative impact on it, wanting to force people to take on vegan lifestyles is not really conducive to the issue. It is one thing to have strong views, but quite another to force them onto others, even if they are considered to be just. You can’t control the world but you can control yourself and every person who embraces a vegan lifestyle makes great strides to help the planet and save the animals by reducing the need for meat to be produced.

  • How to Motivate People to Become Vegan 

If you do have people in your life you wish would become vegan, there are more subtle ways to get them interested in veganism. Here are some tips:

  • 1. Focus on what is important to the person. If someone has an illness, informing them of how a vegan lifestyle can help them could make them want to eat nourishing, healthier foods. If they want to lose weight, consider how cutting out animal fats from their diet can be conducive to a healthier weight.
  • 2. Live by example. Probably the best way to motivate people to become vegan is to show them how happy and healthy you are! If they see your sparkling success, they will be tempted to learn about your secrets.
  • 3. Set boundaries.  Confession time: Is your reason for wanting a loved one to become vegan really about you rather than what’s best for them? In such a case,  you might not always achieve your goal to make people vegan but you can prevent their lifestyle from negatively affecting you by setting rules that you should both respect. For instance, asking that your meat-loving partner doesn’t cook meat in the house. By setting healthy boundaries for you both, the focus is on kindness. Don't be THAT vegan who gives the rest a bad name, being unkind and rigid, ruining relationships or trying to make everyone see things your way.  Yes, your heart is in a good place but be gentle with others. Rather focus your energy on being the change you wish to see, and all of that.  


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