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4 Shocking Animal Products Used in Cosmetics
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4 Shocking Animal Products Used in Cosmetics

Check out the ingredients list on make-up products and chances are most of it is gibberish. Often, it could be harmful or off-putting substances, such as animal products. Here are some strange animal products that are used in cosmetics and how to spot them so they don’t end up on your face.

  • 1. Chicken Bone Marrow 

Because it’s full of glucosamine, which promotes youthful skin, chicken bone marrow is used in make-up products. You are likely to find it in moisturisers and face creams because of its anti-inflammatory quality.

  • 2. Fish Scales 

If you use products that give your skin or lips a bit of a shimmery look, then it could contain fish scales. In fact, such products could be marked as having pearlescence so keep an eye out for that as well as the name crystalline guanine.

  • 3. Carmine or Chocineal Dye 

Carmine is a common ingredient found in make-up products such as lipsticks. It gives the product its pink or red hue. But this red dye originates from cochineal beetles that are first drowned in boiling water, dried and then ground up into a powder so that the dye can be extracted. Carmine might also be named other things, such as Crimson Lake, Natural Red #4, C.I. 75470 or E120.

  • 4. Glycerin 

A byproduct of soap, glycerine or glycerol is normally made from animal fat. It can be found in many cosmetics products, as well as toothpastes, soaps, and foods. Better alternatives include vegetable glycerin.

  • The best way to avoid such substances is to start using vegan make-up. Some of the top vegan make-up brands include:
  • 1. Ecco Bella that makes use of natural and organic make-up and was established as a protest against animal testing.
  • 2. Beauty Without Cruelty. All the cosmetic in the Beauty without Cruelty range are safe for vegans and vegetarians. They are also fragrance-free.


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  1. slverkriss
    Thanks for this info! The above mentioned ingredients, plus lots more ingredients, that, while they might be non-animal based, are still toxic--are why I don't use makeup at all.


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