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Select Trees Based On Bark
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Select Trees Based On Bark

The 23rd Annual Spring Garden Show in the Crystal Court section of South Coast Plaza presents a seminar about choosing certain plants based on their bark characteristics. The guest speaker, a Landscape Architect, Garden Designer and author, displayed a slideshow of trees with different bark color and characteristics to explain the varieties that exist. He also displayed some finished gardens created by bark selection.

Selecting plants based on their bark color and specific characteristics requires making a list of the available physical and aesthetic palette. Compare different trees, their bark color, and their texture. Whether the bark color is red, green, brown, or white, each tree's bark has its very distinct texture, among a variety of textures. Some familiar tree types include birch, eucalyptus, and sequoia.

Moreover, each tree originated from different countries, and most of these trees are from countries and states that have tropical weather, which makes them compatible with Southern California's yearly tropical but moderate weather. The Gloss Silk Tree is originally from Brazil and Argentina, while the Lemon-Scented Gum and Brisbane Box are from Australia. Grape Myrtle originated from China, while the Jerusalem Thorn was originally found in United States and Mexico. The Coast Redwood is originally from California and Oregon. Therefore, carefully research the available trees, and choose the tree with the bark color and texture that fits the style and look you want to create in your yard.

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