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School Lunch Programs actually Bully Vegan/ Vegetarian Children!
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School Lunch Programs actually Bully Vegan/ Vegetarian Children!

 Funny how as my children are in their first week of back to School- I can't help but notice that on all my social media pages everyone is talking about school lunch programs, and the lack of nutrition thereof, and how our children are 'targets' to poor eating choices.


It really bothers me that most school lunch programs do not include Vegan/Vegetarian menus.. they cater to meat eaters and peanut butter allergies, as if those issues are more important then my children's heartfelt, health conscious choices and their allergies to dairy and gluten.


As far as targeting children.. to not give a vegan/ vegetarian option on the school menu is more damaging to our children's future   health then we realize. Children are targeted at a young age and these are the habits they are going to form for the rest of their lives.


My husband and I are Vegans by a God-led convictions, which started with a simple fast in honor of my dying step father; this turned into a lifestyle that has benefited our health in MANY HUGE ways. Out of this fast, I have one vegan daughter, one vegetarian daughter and one flexitarian daughter. Not to mention the passion and desire it gave me to see others be healed by lifestlye and health choices, Hence; My health coaching journey!


Since my children have made lifestyle changes it has shown us what foods they are actually allergic to.. (one daughter's ADD, anxiety, and poor focus is under-control; another's bed wetting an anger issues have lessened); all this by removing or minimizing meat, dairy and gluten and we now have healthier, happier children for it.


Here is my biggest grip; When a child is allergic to peanuts.. the school goes out of their way for that child; So, why is my children's allergies and eating habits being treated any different?


Why... Ignorance that's why!! Traditions, cultural brain-washing and plain an simple stupidity! Excuse my out-right annoyance, but MY children are being bullied (even by the school lunch program)- because the schools do not make effort to 'TEACH' children that there are other eating habits out there that don't always include the eating of animal proteins and that may actually benefit our health. As a community we need to 'TEACH' our children for goodness sake to eat in good health and not bully the other children for making deeper and healthier lifestlye and eating choices.


The vegan and vegetarian diets should be offered EVERYWHERE and should be encouraged to try. At least have a Meatless Monday menu- or vegan/ vegetarians days. Lets have some fun with it for goodness sake! I mean really what are people afraid of? Change? Their children might just appreciate a choice. I know my kids did. I never forced this lifestyle on them, (contrary to many's belief) I just simple asked them to try it for a short duration in honor of their grand dad, and now they made up their own minds to eat what makes them feel best, complete, healthy, and spiritually whole in "body, soul and spirit!"


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I am a married mother of three lovely daughters, 19, 12 & 10. I've studied literature, education, psychology- and ministry counseling. I Am now slowly pursuing a nutritional degree / 'drug-less practitioner' and life coaching. I earned a license to minister and degree in biblical teaching and Christian Counseling; I was ordained on CHRIST-mas day, 2011 into Non-denominational Christianity!! Jesus isn't a denomination but a following and a LOVE!! One important thing to know about me is I am not religious, but I have an awesome relationship with Christ! I am a firm believer in the whole person, body, soul and spirit, we must feed all three parts. I myself am a Christian Vegan, and my passion for both shines through, however, that is not my intentions, my intentions are to share- educate- spread awareness, love and compassion to others. I am blessed to be a blessing and hope to do so for many. - Diana *Check out my facebook page called Faith- Food & Fitness @

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  1. Akanksha
    It is a great post Diana..I absolutely agree about the cultural brain washing thing! My ego did stand in my way when I considered going vegetarian..and it is also the issue with many others. vote #2
    1. dianabart
      Thank you Akanksha- Glad you realized the brain-washing cultural deception and grew past it. Your spiritual, emotional and psychical health LOVES you for it, and so does the animals! ;-)
    2. Veganara
      That is a very perceptive comment there Akanksha -saying that your ego stood in the way when you considered going veggie. I am convinced that is exactly the problem we have trying to convert others to our diet - it's their egos, that's why they won't give up meat. The ego is all "me, me, me", and is so concerned with what it sees as its own "rights", so people think it is their "right" to eat meat, and won't give it up. If only they could ignore their egos, they would see that they are not missing out on anything by going veg*n. On the contrary, they are gaining a lot! The human ego is really at the root of most of the world's problems, I always feel.
  2. SnakeWitch
    Isn't it crazy that this happens? I totally agree. And, to top it off, not only is their food non-veg, it's also incredibly unhealthy, and high on starches and sugars. Just the perfect combination to make the kids crash in the afternoon instead of focus. Maybe a petition from the parents could help. My new article is about vegan humour. I hope you'll enoy it!
    1. dianabart
      I agree with you there. School lunches are the most unhealthy lunches around.. but of course they are, the are 'government regulated!" All about power, control , and money! Thanks for the vote and comment! :-) I'll check out your humor soon! ;-)
  3. Carolyn
    Vote #4! What gets me Diana is that schools are even trying to tell parents what to pack in their child's lunch! The school might have say so in what they are serving but definitely not over what foods are sent from home.
    1. dianabart
      It's insane. My daughter was told she has to get the school specials, when she asked for them to remove her 'meat' item.. they said that couldn't be done, that she could take it and throw it out or give it to someone else.. but that they couldn't remove it from the meal.. she simply wanted the roll, fruit, veggie and rice.. but not the meat. Why should she have to "throw away- or give away' the meat.. Part of why a Veg*an is because we choose to not kill or waste an animal life.. so by telling her to 'throw it out or give it away' she feels BAD! She gave up eating animal for her conscious sake, which played a huge part on her emotional health! Ignorance makes me so MAD!! -thanks for your vote and comment! :-)
  4. Roopam
    Interesting post...voted!
  5. Veganara
    Vote no 6. This is a really great blog and my heart goes out to your kids that they are being bullied in this way! Disgusting. Why is it they will make so many allowances for other diets but not for veg*ns? I presume it is because they want to discourage this diet, as it makes them feel bad about their own choices.
  6. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    Voted! This is something that concerns me as my daughter begins school in a few years. Thankfully, her pre-school asks if the child is vegetarian. You wouldn't believe the relief I felt when I saw that. lol! They are also a nut-free facility. I agree with everything you say here and I hope that by the time my child enters school that more options will be available to her. If you have a chance, check out my post about Vegan Spirituality and comment and vote, if you like!
  7. pftsusan
    #8. I like that you are taking a great deal of steps to get these issues recognized to do something about it. For there is nothing more serious to a child then being bullied. When it's about food, it becomes a lifetime of mental scars leading to ill health for most of them. Writing brings about awareness. I think down the line that this might produce some changes. I invite you to read To Get Vegans More Accepted in Society.
  8. BuddhasDelight
    really great article. it also disgusts me! oy vey. i remember even when i was a kid being horrified by fast-food (at best) quality burgers and fries etc being the only choices for school lunches... all of it was empty carb, high calorie, non-nutritive rubbish- and not a veggie dish in sight! your last paragraph really hit home for me. kids do deserve a choice!!! i would have loved that idea as a kid! my mom said i was a natural vegetarian until she felt she had to feed me meat because of societies dictates of what was healthy at the time. she said i always looked at her like she was trying to poison me when she gave me meat and i would spit it right back out! kids are brilliant and they Know what's good for Them without our help. but we have to give them choices, as a society, we have to educate them to other options- it feels good to feel good! they need to opportunity to see for themselves how healthier foods make them feel. :) voted!!!
    1. dianabart
      thank you for your comments- I agree with your comments on choice- I too was always a natural veg*an.. I always pondered why we harmed sweet innocent animals, and also "who in the world discovered milk from a cow?'" and WHAT WERE THEY DOING DOWN THERE?" LOL I ate what was placed before me, because I wanted to honor my father and mother. My father was a hunter and both my parents fished, so we ate a lot of (organic) animals. -but truth be told, it didn't contribute to better health for either though, Mother died at age 47 of a aneurysm, and my step-father died at age 53 of Pancreatic cancer. God showed me specifically that it was the 'animal proteins' that cause their diseases to manifest, hence- why I now choose to be Ve*gan in honor of my Father and Mother. I went from eating what was placed before me to honor them- to praying, researching and compassionately eating God-ordained foods only- in honor of them And God! This passion and epiphany is also why I placed myself back in school to become a nutritionist. *My middle child was also always a vegetarian at heart, I had to REPENT to her and ask her for her forgiveness in this matter. She suffered many anxiety issues, (including ADD) and since we switched our lifestlye (eating choices) she is drastically improved. Almost a complete healing! :-) All is good now! It's all about choice! We must step out of EGO and into Purity! -And by removing animal out of our diets, we are healing our body, souls & spirits. Murder is murder and our spirits know this period!; we can't get around it! God created all to LOVE!- Because God is LOVE & compassion! :-D
  9. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Great post. I'm surprised your school doesn't offer at least a vegetarian lunch. In SoCal where I live that is always offered. I hope things change in your school system soon! Check out my cantaloupe popsicle post and vote if you like - I think your girls will like them! Voted :)
  10. theveganredhead
    Hello, my name is Aria and I'm actually writing a series of poems about a young girl who experiences discrimination and bullying from class mates and the school itself, would you care to share some stories with me? From your children is there anything that stood out to you when they came home and told you something shocking about this particular topic from school? Totally optional on your part but i don't have children and haven't been vegan that long. It's changed my life and i know this probably won't get published but i will definitely put your name in the front where special thanks goes (:


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