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Saving for the Perfect Vegan Outfit Doesn't Have to be Hard!
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Saving for the Perfect Vegan Outfit Doesn't Have to be Hard!

Living vegan can be harder than it seems. From relatives sneaking meat-based broths and other animal products into our food at get-togethers to having to carefully read every label of our food, it sometimes feels like we have to be on guard constantly. However vigilant we may be, there may be an entire section of our lives that we're overlooking: Our clothing. As awareness grows, more and more people are providing vegan clothing - but the price is still pretty high. Saving up for that perfect vegan outfit isn't as hard as it may seem, though. Here are a few great tips for saving up to dress vegan!

Food Gardens

While food gardens may seem impossible to those of us with small living spaces and no lawn, by using urban garden methods (including square foot gardening and container gardening), it's easy to grow salad greens, tomatoes, beans, and just about any herb you can think of. Not only will this save you a ton of cash compared to buying it at the supermarket, it'll help cut down on your carbon footprint!

Home Repairs

From water leaks in the home accounting for up to 15% of our indoor water usage to a lack of energy-saving air sealing and everything in between, you could be letting cash fly out of your wallet unnecessarily - and not even know it. By doing simple home repairs, you could save yourself quite a bit of cash. These sorts of leaks don't just affect the utilities, they also have an impact on mold, personal health, and long term wall and flooring replacements.

Buy Used

Just because you're saving up for your new vegan outfit doesn't mean that other things won't pop up. Whether it's the urge to freshen up your scenery, a piece of furniture that you have to replace, or a big purchase like needing a new car (you never know), buying used not only saves you lots of money, it reduces consumerism (which can help improve our eco-footprint). If you're lucky, you might even be able to find most of what you're looking for free (or close to it) on websites like Craigslist.

Cleaning Supplies

Making your own cleaning supplies at home is not only substantially cheaper (with some being as simple as mixing baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice), the ingredients in a homemade cleaner are much better for the environment. This doesn't just apply to something you use to scrub your sinks or floors, either. Using simple baking soda and vinegar to wash your clothes will lift stains and remove odor. (Adding some essential oils for a pleasant scent isn't bad, either!)

Creative Getaways

Although getting away from all the craziness of everyday life is not only appealing, but necessary from time to time, trips do their fair share in draining the bank. Gas alone can render you bankrupt and living off pita chips for the rest of the month. Although it will always cost at least something, there are definitely therapeutic vacations that are extremely cost effective. Camping doesn’t always have to be a mosquito date, there are many advertised glamping sites which make your stay in the great outdoors a legitimate opportunity for some refreshing wilderness therapy. Credit cards are also another avenue worth looking into to save on airline miles and cut the predominant cost in most vacations. Southwest, Delta, and other major airlines have reasonable plans which are realistic ways to fly for free! Try looking for things to do close to home. Less driving means less carbon emission.

DIY Makeup

Just like with cleaning supplies, beauty products tend to be filled with questionable ingredients and toxins that are hard on the environment. Not to mention all the plastic packaging that they come in! Then there's the cost - what's with the prices today? When you make your own makeup, not only does your wallet thank you, you can use environmentally-friendly packaging and leave out harmful ingredients such as mercury.

Saving up for that perfect vegan outfit doesn't have to be hard. With these tips, not only is it easy, it can be fun and help the environment, as well! There are tons of helpful ways to save up money, these are just a few. Look around and see if you can't find even more great ways to help you save up for that perfect vegan look!


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