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Sassy Lemon Broccoli Supreme
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Sassy Lemon Broccoli Supreme

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 30 - 40 Minutes

I love to cook with vegetables, and find that a very tart tasting lemon sauce goes great with different veggies. This is one of the creations I prepare here at home.

I was looking for something different to cook one evening, and found all of these ingredients in the house. I just started to experiment and prepared a sassy lemon sauce for my broccoli. Then I remembered that I had some vegan hamburger patties I had prepared the day before. I had a wonderful idea to try and make a broccoli supreme with a tangy lemon sauce to go with the vegan hamburger patties. It turned out excellent and everyone loved it.

The broccoli was the first thing to go, and everyone was asking for more.


2 Heads Fresh Broccoli cut and broken up into pieces

Salt Water

2 Whole Onions

2 Cans Water Chestnuts Drained

½ Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

3 Cloves Garlic Minced

2 Cups Fresh Mushrooms

3 Tablespoons Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread

2 Tablespoons Flour

2 Cups Soy Milk

¾ Teaspoon Salt

½ Teaspoon White Pepper

1 Teaspoon Fresh Parsley diced

1 to 1 ½ Cup Chopped Pecans or Walnuts

2 Cups Grated Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Cheese

1 Cup Fresh Snow Peas or Sugar Snap Peas cut in thirds

Green Onions or Fresh Chives


Clean and cut broccoli into bit size pieces. Place in a sauce pan with water and salt. Bring to a boil. Cook 6 minutes. Do not over cook the broccoli. It will finish cooking in the oven. Drain.

Drain the water chestnuts and cut into slices

Peal and cut the onion into slices and make onions rings from the slices

Mince 3 cloves of garlic

Slice mushroom.

Squeeze the lemons to equal to ½ cup. This normally will take 3 to 4 small lemons and if you use larger fruit, it will require 1 to 2. * Please note: that ½ cup of lemon juice will make a very tart cream sauce. I happen to like my sauce tart in this dish. You can add less juice if you do not like such a tart sauce. You will adjust this when the sauce is finished and the juice is added.

Clean and prepare the parsley by dicing very fine.

Clean and prepare the green onions or chives. They will be sprinkled on top before baking.

Sassy Lemon Sauce:

In a sauce pan add the minced garlic and Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread. Sauté the garlic in butter till slightly cooked. Do not over cook the garlic you want to keep it white in color and not allow it to turn brown. The stove should be set to medium to medium high heat.

Slowly add the flour mixing well but not allowing flour to burn to the pan or over cook. The flour should be a white color or slightly yellowish color when done.

Using a whisk to stir the butter; add the milk to the butter slowly stirring constantly so that the mixture is well mixed and there are no lumps in the sauce.

Add the salt, pepper and fresh parsley. Allow to simmer and become slight thick. You do not want this sauce too thick. When it is cooked in the oven the sauce will thicken.

Remove from heat. Now here is the fun part. You will have to stir this mixture quite quickly when adding the fresh lime juice. Otherwise you may see curdles in your mixture. If you have curdles in your sauce it is possible to put back on the stove and heat. You will have to stir this very quickly to remove curdles that the lime juice adds to the milk. This does not sour the milk. Lime juice is used to cook food. When adding the lime juices do not add all at once. Mix in slowly and taste the sauce for how tart you like your lime sauce. I always use the full ½ cup of lime juice to give my sauce a very tart lemon flavor. At this time you can add a little extra salt and pepper for your taste.

Preparing Sassy Lemon Broccoli Supreme:

In a 13x9 inch glass baking dish spray the bottom and sides of the dish with a vegetable cooking spray. This dish is 3 layers. The remaining ingredients are divided into thirds.

1st layer: place the broccoli in the bottom of the baking dish

2nd layer: place the snow peas or sugar snap peas on top of the broccoli

3rd layer: place the mushroom on top of the snow peas or sugar snap peas

4th layer: place the water chestnuts on top of the broccoli

5th layer: place the onions on top of the water chestnuts

6th layer: sprinkle the almonds or walnuts on top of the water chestnuts

7th layer: sprinkle the cheese on top of the almonds or walnuts

8th layer: pour the sauce on top of the all the layers

Continue to layer the remainder of the dish repeating each layer until you have a total of 3 layers each.

The final layer of cheese you will sprinkle the top of the cheese with green onions or chives.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and cook for 30 minutes. Remove the aluminum foil and cook an addition 10 minutes until the cheese is slightly golden color. You do not want to over cook your cheese to have a burned looking cheese on top. So the last 10 minutes of cooking be sure to watch this and remove the dish when the cheese is nice and brown but not over cooked.

The lemon sauce can be prepared and used with any vegetable or pasta dish you like. This sauce is easy to prepare and adds a lot of flavor to your foods. Experiment with this sauce and add different vegetables, rice, or pasta. Have fun and enjoy.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    How many portions does this make? Sounds like something I would have to reduce for myself. Voted! When you have the chance, come read my new post, Why is Technology Bad for the Environment? Cheers!
    1. No Name
      If you are cooking this only for yourself I would only make around 1/4 of this recipe. This normally will serve 6 people as long as you have something to go with it. I will be sure to read your post and vote on it for you. Thank you so much For the cream sauce you can make the full batch and put it in a storage container and it will keep up to 4 days. You can use the lemon sauce on anything you want this is a good sauce for everything.
  2. Granny Smith
    Granny Smith
    This sounds yummy
    1. No Name
      Thank you so much hope that you will try this one soon
  3. Theophile
    Sounds so good
    1. No Name
      Thank you
  4. Veganara
    Voted. Yum, it sounds amazing, particularly the sauce! You might be interested in my latest blog, The Essential Aid for the Vegan Voyager, please check it out and vote if you like it. :-)
    1. No Name
      Thank you so much will do this one. Glad that you liked this and hope you will try it.
  5. kristo
    Voted! Lime is good on everything!
    1. No Name
      Yes I agree lemon is good with all sorts of food and makes great sauces. Thank you so much


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