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San Diego: Eating as a Vegan
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San Diego: Eating as a Vegan

I just got back from a stellar early Easter vacation to San Diego, California. And let me tell you, if you're going there as a vegan, you might be hard pressed to find a place that specializes in serving vegan recipes. In San Diego, it's all about Mexican food, and let's be honest: that stuff is great. Whether it's spicy taquitoes or hot tamales, Mexican food is one of the most flavorful genres of cuisine out there. But for a vegan, you'll have to sift through the jumble of steakhouses and sushi restaurants to find some meat-free pickings. Here are a few things I picked up on while visiting San Diego.  

  • You don't have to pass up an amazing restaurant just because they don't specifically specialize in vegan cooking. Trust me, in San Diego that can be hard to do. While I was down south, I ate every night at this amazing Mexican restaurant called 'La Pinata.' You can have a bean and cheese burrito, rice, tortilla chips, a crispy cheese plate or a tostada without meat. There are tons of things to eat that don't include meat and are extremely flavorful and filling. 
  • Cupcakes! There are several cupcake shacks in downtown San Diego, and they specialize in making pastry delights that look good enough to frame and tack on the wall. In addition to this, there are a lot of organic bakeries that use cruelty-free products or organic ingredients. It's a yummy snack that doesn't violate any vegan ethics. 
  • Fillippe's Italian Restaurant is one of the best places to eat on planet earth. You can order a pizza, lasagna without meat, garlic bread, and bubbly, flavored sodas. Their pizza is fabulous. I dined there while visiting my cousin and it was stellar. 
  • But wait! Maybe you're going hardcore vegan and you don't even eat dairy products. No worries. You can find plenty of trendy, hip restaurants in the Gaslamp District downtown that serve great dishes based entirely in veggies or fruit. 
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  1. Carolyn
    Selane, this is exactly the type of information so many people need to hear and is not something you can easily look up on the computer!
    1. SELANE
      I'm so glad you liked it! :)


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