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Right or Wrong We Are In This World Together
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Right or Wrong We Are In This World Together

As a young girl and as a grown woman, I spent many days on my uncle's farm. Each summer until time for school to start I lived and helped in the running of his farm. My uncle had a small herd of dairy cows and a bull, and a few calfs. We also had horses and a small pony and raised a few hogs and chickens. The animals were well cared for always having free roaming in the pastures and home grown feed. But I learned early that money to keep the farm going did not grow on trees. There were animals that needed to be sold. And when they could no longer be productive and some were used for food for the table. Only rich farmers, unlike my uncle can raise animals and keep them all their lives as pets. A farm must produce lots of healthy animals or crops in order to survive.

Now, there are fewer small farms. Most were put out of business by the big factory farms. The small farmer cannot afford to stay in business when forced into competition with big business. Thus the country loses the small caring farmers and the animals suffer at the hands of men only interested in their bottom line. And the list goes on with puppy mills and abuse of all types of animals and now we have to worry about our food supply with GMO foods and seeds.

But on a small scale my concern lies with our own communion of interests and our compassion for other people. Do we care about our fellow man whether he or she, may be of a different race or color, or someone that does not think the same way we do? Or are we such bullies for our cause that the feelings of other people do not count? Can we share a deeper understanding of our fellow man and realize that people who eat meat are not vile or evil, wicked or horrible people and that most people share the same feelings and concerns about animal welfare as we do, and feel the same frustations in dealing with the problem.

We are in this world together and nobody gets out of this world alive. Sure there are people that say hurtful and demeaning things about others, but I have always felt it is better to take the high road, as in not being a hateful person and realizing that this behavior is not worth listening to or fighting against, for if I do jump in the arguement my behavior will be as cruel and hurtful as theirs and I will not win any rewards for bad behavior and I will be no better than they are.

However, on a high note if I understand not everyone is the same and thank goodness we are not, for what a boring world that would be. And if I try to share my beliefs in a encouraging and positive way, more folks will see the benefits of lifestyle changes and become supporters for the cause.

I found an interesting article that you might wish to read that gives a look at both sides of the issues that seem to divide people. The web link is:

It is called A Critique of Moral Vegetarianism, by Michael Martin. I found the article is very detailed and informative in a positive way and gives one a sense of knowledge that could bind the differences between us, ending the need for insulting offensive behavior.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    I will take a look at that article a bit later on. Voted for you. I agree with almost everything you say. If I see some injustice displayed through hatred, I do something about it if I can. For example, when I see a person hitting a pet, I may mention something. I don't let them carry on. Or if I specifically asked for my order of food in a fast-food restaurant to eat in and not take out, and they put it in take out containers (more damaging for the environment), I will say something. If they make fun of me, I know their manager will be on my side if I complain, so I make a point of letting them know they are giving horrendous customer service. It's happened to me before, and I hate it if they just start poking fun at me for telling them that it DOES matter, that they need to listen to customers and stop trying to make me believe that I want to destroy the planet. (I swear, some people actually say that to me: "but that's how you want it, OK?") I want to make caring a part of this world, and sitting idly by and watching actually makes us part of the problem, contrary to what most believe. We need to stand up for what happens because anyone who lets injustice go unchallenged is indirectly approving it.
    1. Veganara
      Absolutely Annie! We have to stand up for what we know is right, but try to do it in a non-confrontational way, try to understand where the other person is coming from. As Elie Wiezel said, if we try to remain neutral, it only favours the oppressor, not the oppressed (I can't remember the exact quote, but that is the essence of it!)
      1. SnakeWitch
        Yes, that's what I meant - favouring the oppressed. Thanks for using the right words! As for trying to stay as nice as possible, I have a bit of a suggestion to make on that one, because some people don't listen until you yell. If you're nice, some take it as a sign that they can still get away with what they're doing. I admit to becoming nasty at times, but the people who I yelled at didn't stop when I asked and were either making fun of me or just being plain rude and disrespectful towards me or someone else. I've seen some people cringe and stop only when I make a scene in public. So I do it if I feel that I have to. That being said, I don't encourage this as the first go-to way to make people stop. Compassion is still the key, and should always be used first. Repeat offenders are typically the ones I yell at after having been nice the first time. I know some will disagree and that's fine. I'm just naturally tough and don't feel uncomfortable with this at all, while others would pass judgement on me because I do it this way. In this world, there are the Gandhis and the Che Gueveras. (Please note that I'm not saying I would murder someone!) We pick our way of fighting and although we disapprove of one method, most would agree that there is no black and white rule about this and that most of these techniques are variables of grey.
        1. Veganara
          I agree with you, sad to say some people don't take any notice when you use the nice approach. With some the only way is to become aggressive with them, yell, make a scene, and if they are nasty, stand up for yourself and give them back what they have given you! I will do that as well, if pushed, but only as a last resort. I always try the nice, polite, diplomatic approach first. But I am English anyway, and we don't like making scenes! However sometimes it may be necessary. With some people, you need to let them know that they can't walk all over you or others, can't get away with bad behaviour, and sadly that is often all they understand, aggression, rudeness and confrontation.
  2. Veganara
    Vote no 3. Great blog Sweedly. I agree with you. Trying to understand other people, and see things from their point of view is the key. That is what leads to compassion. We are trying to make a more compassionate world, so we need to lead by example: be as compassionate as we can towards everyone (even people who do the most hateful things!) , because that is the only real way to influence them, I have discovered. Be kind, but stand up for what you know is right.
  3. sweedly
    Thank you for all your comments and for voting. I don't stand for any kind of abuse be it animal or human. I do my best to encourage people to recycle and not use harmful chemicals or other things that pollute the land or the water. Veganare, you said it best on dealing with people, I will admit it does not work with everyone and people say hateful things that make us mad or break our hearts. But that means we have to try harder to make them understand, by using a different method of getting the point across.
    1. Veganara
      Yes exactly. Finding the common ground, which we all have with all other people, because of our shared humanity (however different we may all seem on the surface).


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