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Returning to Veganism
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Returning to Veganism

So here I am, returning to veganism. But how do I do this after I’ve just had weight loss surgery (Gastric sleeve, 7 months post-op)? Just a little background on me; I’ve wanted to be a vegetarian all my life. As soon as I was old enough to understand the concept I wanted to do it. At 6 years old I made my first attempt with my 10-year-old sister, but with a family quite adamantly against it, it was obviously a failed attempt. I tried again at 16. My parent’s attitude was one of, “well, then starve” so I basically did that and became anemic. 

When I was making my own money at 18 and could buy my own foods, I FINALLY successfully became a vegetarian. When I was 26 or so, I met a young lady who had been vegan for about 15 years. She knew all the ins and outs of the lifestyle, and as her roommate, I soon found myself eating vegan and quickly became one myself. It was easy because she basically did all the thinking. When our friendship fell out, I went back to being vegetarian, soon I became a pescatarian, and about two years ago I had basically reached a point in my life where I had given up on everything and had become a full-fledged meat eater again.

I failed to mention that all of my life I have struggled with obesity as well. Last year (2016), I reached my highest weight of 353lbs and in desperation turned to weight loss surgery. I received the gastric sleeve, and after suffering from severe complications and nearly losing my life, I have fully recovered and have lost a little over 100 lbs in 7 months. I have about 90 more to lose but I know I will get there! I have a new lease on life.

Health is very important to me again. I’ve quit smoking after 20 years of battling that demon. It’s my goal to make health and fitness a priority and to share what I’ve learned with the world in order to help others. I thought I couldn’t be vegetarian again after weight loss surgery because of all the low carb high protein requirements, but I recently learned that you can. And while that’s been in the back of my mind recently because of my love for animals and their rights, I never even thought of going back to being a vegan until last night, when I watched the documentary called “What the Health.” The documentary goes over how being vegan is not just for the animals but also for your personal health and the health of other human beings and the environment, as well as the rights of humans and animals alike.

Honestly, my mind was blown. Here I am, an animal lover, trying to get healthy and do my part to help others in the world fight obesity and disease, and I’m not even considering this lifestyle? Something isn’t right here. So now here I am… returning to vegan. Only, I don’t honestly know the first step in how to do this in a healthy, well-balanced way to begin with, much less after weight loss surgery. All advice and guidance are welcome! And I’ll keep you posted on my journey!

Misty Dawn Krater

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  1. Woma 56
    I had the sleeve in 2008 and started eating plant based in 2009 on the advice of my bariatric surgeon. I eat small portions of anything I want. I do eat often. But I found that I felt much better eating plant based. Check out Dr. Garth Davis on Facebook. He wrote Proteinaholic. I wanted to add that I did the 21 day vegan kickstart from PCRM to get started. That helped me a lot because I had never even thought about vegan or vegetarian before.
  2. Musical Cracker
    I had gastric bypass in 2012 & watched that film on Friday night as well. I decided the same thing so we're in the same boat. I've tried to be plant based in the past but if I didn't feel well, I've always added animal products back. That really makes no sense, if you think about it logically. I will try to eat more food if that happens this time. Good Luck to you!!!
  3. chrisfisher
    I had a lapband for about 8 years. I lost and kept off 130 lbs. As a vegetarian. ALL the information being given to other people with lapbands, and to me, at the time was that it wouldn't work if I didn't eat meat. That is not true. Best advice I can give you is to focus on quality since you can't get quantity. When I realized how little I could eat sometimes with my lapband, I made sure everything I ate was delicious and would make me feel good and give me energy. I also don't now, nor have I ever, limited carbs. Again, I just focus on quality. Good luck, you can do it!
  4. Ruth Lewis
    Ruth Lewis
    Thanks for sharing your story Misty, good luck on your vegan journey!


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