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Reintroduction as a Flaming Vegan Contributor
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Reintroduction as a Flaming Vegan Contributor

Hello, I just wanted to sort of reintroduce myself. I used to write for The Flaming Vegan regularly, but the truth is that I got pretty burned out on writing about animal rights issues. I found it somewhat emotionally draining after a while, and also just felt like I no longer had anything original to say on the subject. So I started focusing solely on my blog, where I write about animal rights and veganism occasionally, but mostly I just talk about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time. 

I knew it had been quite a while since I wrote anything here, but I just checked and found that my last post here was at Thanksgiving 2012! I think it's high time I got back into some serious animal rights related writing. I think I've been away long enough, and have had enough new experiences that I will (hopefully) have some new things to say, or at least some new perspectives on old things. 

It's very important to me to find ways to incorporate working for animal rights causes into my daily life, even if it is usually in very small ways. So the way I see it, if I'm going to bother to write about nonsense in my blog every day, the least I could do is take some time out every once in a while to write something halfway meaningful here. right now, I'm thinking I'm going to shoot for once a week or so. 

To start off, I'm planning on writing an, at least, two part post called The Herbivore's Dilemma, (Yes, that is a bit of a jab at Michael Pollan.) which will focus on the various, and often conflicting, methods for furthering animal rights, and the confusion and frustration associated with trying to not only balance these different concepts but also fit them into one's life.    

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope to see you again soon. 

P.S. The picture is Petunia "Tuni", one of the pigs I adopted from farm Sanctuary, saying hello. 

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  1. Marvin Double
    Marvin Double
    I appreciate and respect how draining it can be to write about animal rights issues long term. There is an emotional toll to pay for engaging in this kind of work. There is no shortage of stories, and the subject itself can be so negative, and so massive, it can generate a tsunami of suffering it from an an ocean of sorrow. Taking a break from animal rights topics from time to time is good for mental health. Being fully and continuously engaged can make it difficult to retain personal happiness. All those who advocate for animal rights need light in what can be a very dark tunnel. Here's wishing that you stay grounded, stay focused, and stay happy.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      Thank you, Marvin :)
  2. Veganara
    Voted. Good to see you back Whitney. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about getting burned out as an ARA.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      Thank you so much :) It's good to be back. I look forward to getting back into things here.


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