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Refried Bean Burritos
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Refried Bean Burritos

Prep Time: Around 5 minutes

Cook Time: 2-3 Minutes

Today, I'm going to introduce to you one of my most favorite vegetarian meals, refried bean burritos! Because sometimes keeping it simple is the best and most delicious option.

What you will need:

  • Flour Tortillas, preferrably burrito (not taco) sized.
  • Vegetarian refried beans. (Brands may vary.)
  • Your favorite shredded cheese, or non-dairy cheese.
  • Salsa (I prefer Old El Paso medium)
  • *Optional: chopped grilled tofu
  1. Okay, so first start to heat up your beans! The easiest way to do this is by using the microwave, put I prefer to heat on the stove.
  2. Heat on medium while we work on getting those tortillas warm. 
  3. For the tortillas, place in stove or microwave. Microwave usually works fine unless you heat them for too long, in this case they will be hard.
  4. Ready any veggies you would like to add to your burritos, such as bannana peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce.
  5. And now you should be ready to put it all together. For best results, place your cheese on the tortilla first so that the hot beans will melt it, it should taste like a quesadilla if you use Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and a Queso mix. Then add the rest. 



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. They sound delicious! I love quesadillas as well and have submitted a recipe here for them (vegan of course). You might be interested in my latest blog, Never Been A Quitter (Except for This!) - please check it out and vote if you like it! :-)
    1. Scott Combs
      Scott Combs
      Thank you very much, and I will most certainly check out your blog. =)
  2. SnakeWitch
    Simple and delicious. I make my salsa at home and add my own guac, too. Voted! Check out my recipe, Fried Green Banana , and vote if you like it!
    1. Scott Combs
      Scott Combs
      Thanks, and I will.
  3. Veggie
    Hello Scott, Love this recipe and how much easier could it be?! I voted! Come visit my new post on the chickpea and vote if you like it!. I think chickpeas would work with your recipe too!
    1. Scott Combs
      Scott Combs
      Thank you very much, I'll def. check it out.
  4. Akanksha
    This is simple and tasty too!
    1. Scott Combs
      Scott Combs
  5. No Name
    This sounds good. But I am not one much for canned food. I would rather cook up my own beans and make refried beans myself. This one is very simple. If you soak your beans all day in water they will expand and it takes a shorter time to cook them. You might like to try to make some home made jam. Not sure but here we do not have a lot of stuff in our markets so we do a lot of old fashion cooking. I think it is better. thanks for sharing and will try this one. Will have to make my own tortillas because they do not sell them here. You might like to read my post and vote if you would like. I have voted on this one thanks for sharing.
  6. pftsusan
    This is tastely and healthy Scott. I will like to to try it. I invite you to my return to TFV with new blog Vegan and Vegetarian Social Networks: This Dish Vegan. Please vote if you like it.


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