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Recipes To Lower Your Fat Thermostat
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Recipes To Lower Your Fat Thermostat

Recipes To Lower Your Fat Thermostat  by  La Rene Gaunt

Book Review:

I love cookbooks and have a big selection that most contain foods I don't eat much anymore, but I can not bear throwing them out, but instead opt to change or leave out some of the ingredients.

Then there are some of my cookbooks that have been life savers in helping me prepare heathy vegetarian meals.

The one I am doing the review on today as listed in above has helped me the most in choosing smart choices instead of unheathy ones.

The first part of the book talks about making the change from old ways of eating to more natural ways, by giving ideas and instructions.

Then it continues on into various types of recipes for different meals throughout the day, from breakfast through lunch and dinner. Their are lots of salad ideas and soups, and choices of using meat or not, one ingredient mostly leave out. Several wok recipes and using potatoes and beans, plus various grains and many bread recipes.

It is great at explaining to me how to best cook dried beans and use various cooking methods with spices and seasoning that I had never used before. And lastly it has recipes for a yeast management program.

This too is an older cookbook, but if your just starting a vegetarian or vegan diet it gives solid instructions on how to cook all types of natural foods the proper ways.

Look for it in used bookstores or online, for it is worth adding to your collection.



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  1. SnakeWitch
    I voted, but it doesn't seem to appear... it should show up as number 3... oh well. I'll try again tomorrow. Great advice for this book. THanks for sharing!
    1. Veganara
      Same with me - I have voted, should now be no. 4, but still on 3! I'll try again later if it doesn't show up. I have noticed this glitsch a few times before. This sounds like great advice, I will look out for this book. I'm a bit confused about the title though: "Lower your fat thermostat"?? The rate at which you burn off fat I presume that is, so shouldn't that be "raise", not "lower"?? I must check it out!


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