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Reasons To Be Vegan: For Humans, Animals and The Planet
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Reasons To Be Vegan: For Humans, Animals and The Planet

If ever you feel your resolve to be vegan wavering, think on these points, below. I first went vegan for the animals, but since that time, around 2 and a half years ago, I have realised that the benefits of this diet and lifestyle are numerous, and not just compassion for other species. Veganism is a way of life and an ideology, not just a diet, and it is highly likely that so many global problems could be solved if we could veganise the world! Consider these motivating factors:

1) For the animals: if we are not eating or using other species in any way, we are not causing their deaths and suffering. As far as is reasonably practicable, at any rate! I came to realise that it is not just animals that are farmed for meat who have short, miserable lives in captivity, and then suffer horrible deaths in the slaughterhouses. The same is true of the animals used in the dairy and egg industries; if anything, they are even crueller, because the animals are treated as machines to produce milk and eggs, so kept alive a lot longer, but still end up being slaughtered in any case.

2) For the planet: A plant-based diet is more beneficial to the environment: it is estimated that the greater part of the harmful CO2 emissions and methane which are damaging the ozone layer and causing climate change are produced by farmed animals. There is also all the waste (excreta) produced by them which is polluting water sources, etc.

3) For  your health: A plant-based diet is hugely beneficial to human health, and in particular an organic, raw-food diet. Vegans have significantly lower levels of sinus and respiratory problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancers, than omnivores. The majority of these conditions can be reversed and even cured by a vegan diet.

4) For prevention of world hunger: A vegan diet feeds far more humans, besides saving animal lives for example, in cattle farming it takes around 16 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef, due to how much food one cow requires. Just think of how many people could be fed with 16 pounds of grain! Similarly, one serving of beef has cost 1,200 gallons of water, 1 serving of chicken 330 gallons of water, whereas 1 complete plant-based meal has only used 98 gallons of water! In fact, shockingly the Third World countries, such as Africa, where many people are starving, export a lot of their grain so that the rich Western countries can eat meat and dairy! How can that be justified?

Knowing all these facts I could never go back now. I am vegan for life.

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  1. Akanksha
    Excellent post Maggie! I always wanted to create a comprehensive post like this..and i m glad you did :-) sharing on my social networks too!
  2. Veganara
    Thank you so much Akanksha! I have been thinking of all these factors for a while, and they are all important, so I thought it would help people if I wrote a blog about it.
    1. Akanksha
      Yes they connects to all kinds of people.
  3. Katapoet
    This is terrific. I fully concur.
  4. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    Wonderful post and so true! I like to think that no matter what the reason a person has for going toward a vegan lifestyle or plant-based diet, it all works towards bettering the world we live in. If someone does it strictly for health reasons they are still helping to reduce the amount of animal suffering, reducing CO2 emmissions, and helping ease world hunger. It's lovely how intertwined each of the reasons you laid out above actually are!
    1. Akanksha
    2. Akanksha
  5. oooowow
    Really great post! I originally went vegetarian after reading the book called "Bread for the World," which was all about eating lower on the food chain so more people could eat...and I incorporated that idea into a children's book I just finished. I think there's much more good that comes when we try to consider everyone in the choices we make...thanks
  6. dianabart
    Truth at its best! Bless you! Voted and will share! :)


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