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Raw Almond Butter
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Raw Almond Butter

If you love peanut butter but are looking for a healthier choice, raw almond butter is the way to go. I actually bought it for the first time last weekend and with just one taste, I fell in love. You can spread almond butter on your favorite crackers or breads, you could use it as a cupcake filling and you can most certainly eat it with your favorite fruits. I love to spread it on a cracker and eat it with bananas!

This butter is not only delicious but also really healthy. Because it is raw it is considered a live super food and is a great source of vitamin E.

Almond butter is also a better choice for people with diabetes due to its very very low carbohydrate content. Some people even say that it helps to improve complexion.

Even though there are so many positive things about almond butter, I will say that it is on the expensive side but totally worth it.

If you dont mind expending a few extra dollars on a product that is good for you, I think you should give this a try, I believe you wont regret it.


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