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Raving for Raw Vegan Cheescake
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Raving for Raw Vegan Cheescake

I know that desserts are tempting. One of my favorites that I missed the most when becoming vegan was cheesecake. This was never one that I ate often because of the high calorie amount, and even though a healthier, less-refined and processed, less fat version exists, this still does not mean that we have to feast on this daily! Just remember: this dessert is almost exclusively nuts, and should be treated as the equivalent amount of nuts – so as a fat in your diet. However, this dessert also adds quite a large amount of nutrients, so feel safe knowing that you will be so satiated that you probably won’t be able to eat much, anyways!



  •    2 cups raw walnuts or raw macadamia nuts
  •    1/2 cup dates, pitted


  Chop the dates and put them and the nuts in the blender. Blend until it becomes thick and easily binds together. Spoon and pat into a pie dish. Place in the freezer to set.



  •   3 cups raw cashews (soaked overnight or at least a couple hours)
  •   1/2 cup agave nectar or raw sugar
  •   3 peeled lemons
  •   1 teaspoon vanilla essence


  Place all the ingredients into your blender and blend. Spoon this mixture on top of the crust. Place this into the freezer to set.



  •   500g frozen fruits – whichever you choose
  •   1/8 cup agave or more to taste and thickness desired – optional


  When the crust and cheese are set – but not frozen, so be careful – take it out of the freezer. Put the fruits in the blender and blend until smooth *without water*. Add a sweetener if you want and blend some more. When the mixture is nice and smooth, pour thinly over the cheese filling and return to the freezer for no more than an hour. Once again, be careful not to let anything freeze. Store in the refrigerator.


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  1. VeganDozen
    Voted! Sounds like a great recipe and one I would love to try--thanks! Check out my 'Pumpkin Pancakes' post as well and vote if you like!
  2. SnakeWitch
    This looks so tempting! voted!
  3. Veganara
    Voted. It sounds wonderful! Actually I was never much of a fan of conventional cheesecake, your nut-based recipe here sounds a lot better!
  4. kristo
    voted! this sounds nice, and have seen raw vegan cheese cake in a restaurant here, but have never tried it because i am super allergic to cashews :( they contain small amounts of urushiol poison (same as poison ivy, but much less) and some people ( like me) have a reaction to the slightest contact. so sad because cashews are so tasty.
  5. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Ummmmm....sounds like delicious! wanna see how it really looks like once it's done..... :P Voted!
  6. Zack
    i like it! ive seen other types of desserts improved- by becoming vegan of course- but this recipe is new, thanks for sharing!


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