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RAW STAR Recipe book is the WINNER of The #1 Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbook in the USA 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!
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RAW STAR Recipe book is the WINNER of The #1 Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbook in the USA 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!


Being Vegan is becoming a trend and mainstream which is a good thing! Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, Ellen and now Venus Williams among many other celebrities are going vegan and recommending it because it works. We were designed to be herbivores and it is the most healthy and eco friendly way to live. This year yet one more major victory has happened for the Vegan World and cause that is RAW STAR Recipes, Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts best selling recipe book just WON The #1 Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbook in the USA Award 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards:

To Celebrate you can purchase it online through the main website Autographed by the Chef/Author with a fun personal message and a copy of the Official Winner Certificate even though it says 2011 it is actually for 2012(2011 is when the book was nominated but the winner is for 2012 but it does not state that on the certificate).

The whole intention of RAW STAR Recipes is to bring more health and harmony for all Vegans! Forget what you know or think you know about Raw Vegan Food because RAW STAR Recipes was written by a real 5 star gourmet chef that lives and eats this way, that has owned his own raw organic vegan restaurant, has done the most up to the minute health research to make each recipe the most dazzling, amazing, healthy and gourmet possible. But it gets even better they all only take 5 to 10 minutes to make and is everyone's favorite junk food, comfort foods and with a international menu. Yes you can have it all and raw! But it all looks and tastes just like it was cooked, baked or deep fried and this is the main difference between RAW STAR Recipes and all other raw recipe books which looks and tastes well...raw!

With RAW STAR Recipes you become the STAR in the kitchen and super hero in the World saving your health, community, environment and the entire Planet that is how it got its title. Also all the recipes has the same satisfaction of cooked, deep fried and baked foods without the unhealthy effects of acrylamide, toxins, carcinogens because now it is pure foods, raw, organic, all natural and not processed. The danger of vegetarian and vegan foods is often times it is very high in sugar, high in fat or very processed with RAW STAR Recipes you do not get any of those unhealthy qualities only healthy benefits that are far reaching and RAWmazing. Also many vegans have had "bad first time experiences" with Raw Food but with RAW STAR Recipes I guarantee you will love and embrace RAW Food because this is the best Award Winning so give it a try.

You can make super food and super delicious: Cupcakes, Pepperoni Pizza, Mango "Cheesecake", Pasta Alfredo, Spanish Lasagna, Smores, Oraweo and pies, cookies, cakes, shakes, smoothies and ice-cream that is all 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, there are more than 100 recipes to enjoy and it was instantly in the TOP TEN on and reached #8 for many months now is The #1 Best in the USA Award. Although it won for the vegetarian/vegan category the fact is it is also a 100% Raw Organic Vegan recipe book.


Finally someone was able to combine all the joy and satisfaction of junk foods and gourmet foods and was able to perfectly combine it to make it the most healthy possible for you and the planet. This is so new, innovative, amazing that when the World finds out about it, it will quickly become the next Major Food Trend, Major Media Diet and Eco Green Lifestyle but you get to be in the know and enjoy it first! No time to cook? Can't cook? Perfect than RAW STAR Recipes is for you since there is no cooking! It is mostly hand mixing, some chopping and mostly blending in a blender. In Hollywood it is all the celebrities' health and beauty "secret" from Demi Moore, Super Model Carol Alt, Alicia Silverstone and many many more. Now you can have it and benefit as well. For vegans this is the next natural level and next step in your nutritional and health journey.

You deserve the best so give it a try you will LOVE IT and a whole new level of health, well being and a amazing gourmet adventure awaits for you to discover and to enjoy!

All the best,

Eco Chef Bryan Au

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  1. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Hey Bryan - congrats on the award, that's great!
    1. EcoChefBryanAu
      Thank you! It's another Vegan Victory! And my way of helping becoming Vegan Mainstream and Popular! ;o)


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