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Quick Guide to Vegan Raw Chocolate Making
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Quick Guide to Vegan Raw Chocolate Making

Have you ever wanted to make your own vegan chocolate? I know it wasn't on the top of my list for a while, as I thought it would be a complicated and arduous task. I have been creating raw dishes and desserts for about two years and once I had educated myself about the dozens of healthy raw whole foods through a kagillion hours of reading/testing/more reading/videos ...etc, It seemed like making your own raw chocolate at home was actually one of the more easier raw dishes to make. And it is! 

You don't have to be a raw foodist to enjoy these, obviously, but you can't lose with the amazing ingredients that are in this type of chocolate. You can of course make a complicated, time-consuming dessert, but the basic raw chocolates should only take you around 20 minutes or less. 

This post won't contain recipes, but information that will show how one goes about making raw chocolate, what ingredients you may need, what sweeteners to use...etc.*

  • *Not -all- the ingredients I mention in this will be 100% raw. If this is the case, I will state so next to them. (If 100% raw is important to you, make sure you get the raw version of the foods. For instance, if you go to buy almonds, make sure they are infact raw and not roasted)


Basic Raw Chocolate consists of:

  1. Raw Cacao Powder + Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil* + Sweetener
  • The cacao is what gives the chocolate flavor, the coconot oil acts as the binder/thickener and solidifier. You start off with it in its liquid form and it quickly will solidify when placed in the fridge/freezer. The sweetener, of course, sweetens the chocolate, as cacao is not naturally sweet.

*You can also use Raw Cacao Butter, which is the pure oil of cacao beans. Cacao butter is what white chocolate is made out of.


Optional Raw Foods for Toppings/Adding into chocolate mixture:

• Raw Cacao Nibs (unsweetened or sweetened)

• Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

• Carob Chips / Nibs

• Hemp Seeds

• Chopped Nuts

• Raw Nut Butter

• Goji Berries

• Raisins

• Dried Cranberries

• Brazil Nuts/Pecans/Almonds/Peanuts...  

• Goldenberries

• Raw Granola



• Pure Vanilla Extract / Vanilla Powder / Vanilla Beans

• Mint Essential Oil

• Orange Extract 

• Almond Extract


Useful Tools/Equipment:

• Chocolate/Candy Moulds

• Silicon Spatula + Mixing Bowl

• Blender

• Measuring Spoons/Cups


Granule/Powdered Sweeteners:

• Date Sugar

• Coconut Sap/Coconut Palm Sugar/Coconut Crystals

• Stevia Powder

• Lucuma Powder

• Whole Cane Sugar

• Beet Sugar

• Mesquite


Liquid Sweeteners:

• Yacon Syrup

• Pure Maple Syrup (not raw)

• Agave

• Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia (Comes in Vanilla, Valencia Orange, Toffee, Berry, Lemon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Root Beer, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Chocolate Raspberry, Apricot Nectar & Grape)

• Brown Rice Syrup


Easy Raw Chocolate Frosting/Icing:

  1. Avocado + Cacao Powder + Sweetener 
  • Blend the avocado with cacao + your choice of sweetener. You can't taste the avocado - It'll taste like a decadent chocolate frosting :)


High Quality Brands*:

* I am only mentioning brands that I have used and currently use as I can’t speak for anything I haven’t tried

• Navitas Naturals

• Eden Foods

• Edward & Sons

• Now Foods

• Nutiva


Where I have bought my ingredients:

  1. Upaya Naturals (Canadian site)
  2. Zebra Organics
  3. The Raw Food World
  4. Mountain Rose Herbs


Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer! :) --Clare

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