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Pumpkin Pie Po’e
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Pumpkin Pie Po’e

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 35 to 45 Minutes

Once a year in France they invite different countries to an International festival. The hall is filled with art, music, food, dance, culture, and items to buy. I had the pleasure of attending last year. I enjoyed the different island cultures, songs, dance, and food. The culture of the Marquesas was fascinating. The sculpture designs, wood carving techniques, tattooing, dance, music, and food. I enjoyed the art of the islands, watching sculpting demonstrations, and learning about tattooing. The tables were lined with bamboo trays filled with delicious foods. The island people eat various fish, fruits, vegetables, and coconuts. Being vegan, I skipped the dishes containing, fish, pork, lamb, goat, and beef. I tasted an island desert called po'e made from fresh bananas wrapped in banana leaves and fresh coconut milked poured on top.

Each group of Pacific Islanders had unique food, culture, music, costumes, dance and tattooing. The diet of the different islands varied little but food preperation was so different. Each island prepares po'e using bananas, papayas, mangoes, breadfruit, taro root, and island sweet potatoes. Speaking with a woman from the Marquesas, I learned how to make po'e. When making po'e, you start with the main ingredient. After that, each ingredient's quantity is one half of the first. This was simple to understand, considering the main ingredient was the fruit or vegetable used.

In October I buy pumpkins and squash to freeze for winter. For Thanksgiving last year I decided to make pumpkin pie po'e instead of traditional pumpkin pie. I hope you will try this delicious island treat.


2 Cups Fresh Cooked Pumpkin

1 Cup Tapioca Flour

½ Cup Organic Sugar

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

½ Teaspoon Cinnamon

½ Teaspoon Nutmeg

½ Teaspoon Ground Ginger

¼ Teaspoon Ground Cloves

2 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil

1 Can Coconut Milk


  1. Peel, clean, and cut pumpkin into bite size pieces; boil until cooked. Drain, cool, and place in large mixing bowl
  2. With potato masher or hands cream pumpkin until smooth
  3. Add tapioca flower mix with hands until well blended
  4. Add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ground ginger; mix with hands until well blended


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. In 9-inch round medal baking pan add oil; coat well sides of paper mixture into pan; oil will rise to top
  3. Bake 35 to 45 minutes until firm


  1. Remove from oven and cut into bite size pieces; place in bowl
  2. Pour coconut milk over top; sprinkle with 1 to 2 tablespoons organic sugar

The pumpkin pie po'e was delicious with coconut milk. I am sorry I did not make a double batch. I hope that you will try to make po'e at home. You may use any combination of fruits or squash. When using fresh fruits, omit the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ground ginger. I tried this recipe with canned pumpkin but prefer fresh pumpkin for the texture.

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  1. No Name
    This sounds amazing. I live in Tahiti and have never heard of anyone making po'e like this before. Normally I make po'e on Sundays to have with our Tahitian dinner. I think next time I will try this recipe and see how everyone like this. Thanks for sharing this with us it looks delicious.
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      Oh yes dear this is wonderful. I hope you will try this. I am suer fresh coconut milk will be much better than canned.
  2. George O Hara
    A delicious idea to turn pumpkin pie into po'e how wonderful for you to share this with all of us. I will have to make this one at home. Sounds so good.
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      Thank you dear hope you enjoy this pumpkin pie recipe of mine
  3. Julie Davis
    I love pumpkin pie but never consider to make po'e. When I visited Hawaii I tried po'e but this was not so good. This one looks delicious and want to try it
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      I do too my dear. Hope you will try this
  4. Ericka McGee
    Never tried po'e before but love pumpkin pie. Have to give this a shot
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      It is delicious my dear hope you will try it
  5. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    This sounds delightful. Voted
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      Thank you dear
  6. Marcus Douglas
    Interesting idea never heard of this before
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      Thank you dear try it you will love this recipe
  7. Doctor Mom
    My daughter loves pumpkin pie. I will certainly try this po'e version. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope that you get the chance to come back to America safe and sound, and soon.
    1. Julie Sinclair
      Julie Sinclair
      Oh thank you so much dear. I hope your daughter will love this. My family sure does. I will be home in 4 months but know once I return I will miss France so much. Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment.
  8. Jose Rodriguez
    have to try this love coconut milk simple


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