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Properly Introducing Veganism
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Properly Introducing Veganism

It’s no secret that being a vegan in certain circumstances, families, and circles of friends can be difficult. People often have questions, want to know how you even survive, and assume that all you eat is grass.

Vegans can get a bad reputation because of the ones who make people feel bad for eating meat, dairy, and other animal products. Never do that. It’s unfair to those who are content with their lifestyle.

Don’t Become the Lifestyle Completely

A lot of vegans make the mistake of letting the lifestyle engulf who they once were and completely take over. This is probably the worst thing you could do if you’re trying to introduce your friends and family to veganism, so you must take another route instead.

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice no doubt, but pushing it down other’s throats isn’t fair. If someone enjoys being a carnivore then that’s purely their choice. Even though it is a lifestyle you still need to gain control over yourself and not shout “meat is murder” to get your point across to others who aren’t a vegan.

Food is the Way to the Soul

Most people refuse to give veganism a second thought because they generally believe that vegan food is too difficult to make, it doesn’t taste very good, options are incredibly limited, and the diet overall is too expensive. However, you as a vegan know this is very untrue, so what’s the best way to show a meat eater that veganism is the way to go?

Food is the way to the soul, so preparing a meal or even just some snacks that are 100% vegan is the best way to show people who believe that a vegan diet is too bland and difficult that they could not be more wrong.

Cooking for your family or friends, or even bringing some snacks with you to work to share, without even saying it’s vegan until the food is gone is the best way to prove that vegan food is not difficult to make and that it’s delicious above all. Sharing food in general is the best way to get someone to try something, which is especially true in the case of properly introducing veganism!

Keep Up With Your Appearance

It’s a sad fact, but at least a quarter of the population associates “dirty hippies” with vegans. As a vegan, you’ve most likely been judged on your appearance on more than one occasion, and have probably been told that you look unhealthy because you’re not eating any meat.

Therefore, keeping up with your appearance is another great way to show people that veganism does not bring you closer to your deathbed. Take regular showers, brush your teeth, dress nicely, and you should have no problem showing people that going vegan will not destroy you from the inside out.

Veganism is a Lifestyle Choice

Remember that properly introducing veganism does not mean someone will make the switch, but it does not hurt to show someone how great it can be. Don’t let it become your entire persona, share some vegan food, and don’t guilt people into joining you as a vegan.

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