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Preparations For Canning
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Preparations For Canning

The 23rd Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show presents seminars about gardening. Chef Deb Dubbs offers some tips about canning in small batches in order to preserve vegetables and fruits grown in an organic garden. A water bath can is used for canning small batches.

Before starting your garden, one must decide on the space available in one’s home or yard, as well as a list of vegetables and fruits that are most popular in one’s household. Then, research plants to know their basic requirements, from type of soil as well as amount of water, lighting and air, before placing each plant in the appropriate area so that it gets its basic needs to grow healthy. To rid tomato worms, a natural product to use is BT.

Depending on the size of one’s home, many people are using container gardening on a rooftop, a trellis, and/or raised beds. Some people, who live in an apartment and condo, use pots because they lack space in their home or yard. Other people are now using sacks as small containers for gardening. Such sacks look like an interesting and decorative form of pots that add a rustic, casual and comfortable feeling to a garden.

As plants grow and near harvesting, one should gather canning items to prepare for canning these vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Certain requirements include baskets, jars, jar handler, funnel with wide mouth, freezer jam jar, magnetic wand and headspace. Jams should be placed in small jars because there will be no preservatives used in these jams. The freezer jam jar is a plastic cup with a lid. The top of the pot should be wider than the bottom of the pot. It is also recommended to add some beehives in the garden to attract bees as well as add some birdfeed, birdbath, birdhouses, and water fountain to attract wild birds. With the right landscape design and organization, a garden can turn into a relaxing and meditative haven.

Once mint is grown in a garden, it will always grow back as well as hard to get rid of. But it also has many uses, such as breath freshener and air freshener, as well as mint makes food dishes and sandwiches taste better.

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    Vote #3 Fifi Leigh! Brings back memories of my mother canning years ago!


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