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Please VOTE for my Vegan RAW STAR Cafe so we can open ASAP! INFO :o)
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Please VOTE for my Vegan RAW STAR Cafe so we can open ASAP! INFO :o)

Yah! Just got 20 votes! Just 230 more votes to go by June 30! :o)


So my Dream is to open my Vegan Raw Organic Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA called RAW STAR CAFE. It will change the world, create more jobs, will finally make being Vegan into a Mainstream Food Trend, Media Diet and Lifestyle I have it all set I just need to open RAW STAR Cafe! But it is very challenging to find funding, investors in this economy but I have a SOLUTION THAT IS FREE AND EASY! All it takes is 1 minute of your time and your VOTE there is no strings attached and it is simple please just go to this link and Click the Bottom Right Hand Corner link where it says LOGIN FACEBOOK/SUPPORT after you click that then a Search Box will appear that is where you enter RAW STAR CAFE and CA into the search boxes then click SEARCH then click VOTE and that's it! I just need 230 more VOTES by June 30 and you can see in real time how many we have which is 20 Votes today so far since we just started today! So I hope you can take a minute to VOTE and help make something special and a Vegan Dream Come true come on you know we need more VEGAN RESTAURANTS to enjoy right? :o)

Ok the link: then enter RAW STAR CAFE and CA in the Search Box then click VOTE! Thank you! :o)

I can get the $250,000 Grant to open my RAW STAR Cafe and packaged food line and online store then create NEW Industry, Food Company, MORE JOBS and Save the World! Your VOTE Counts and can make the dream happen!

I now have 20 votes need just 230 more by June 30!!! :o)

All the best, Bryan Au The #1 Best in the USA Award 2012

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Great idea! Yes, I've seen raw food restaurants before - and they are delicious! Good luck to you! I voted both here and on the link you asked for! My article, Tropical Weather Can Mean Greener Travel, is just missing a vote or two to make it to Top Posts... will you help me? Thanks!
    1. EcoChefBryanAu
      Thank you! Yes I will do that tonight on my computer! I am on my iPhone now :o)


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