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Plant-Based Primping: The Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
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Plant-Based Primping: The Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Wanting to look your best doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice being the kind, conscientious person that you are. Companies have been listening to customers who have expressed what they want very clearly—vegan, cruelty-free makeup that can still make them look amazing.

Blushing Beauty

For those who like their cheeks to look rosy, look no further than Tarte's line. For years, makeup artists have been swearing by Tarte and it's easy to see why. Their blushes, which are created using clay from the Amazon and baked by the sun, carry a beautiful pigment in addition to being vegan. An added perk is that their natural properties help them to stay in place longer than some "traditional" blushes.

Pucker Up

A beautiful lipstick can always make a strong statement. Some of the best vegan lipstick makers in the market today include: Gabriel Cosmetics, and Manic Panic. With their striking color offerings and ability to stay put, these products show that being conscientious doesn't mean you have to sacrifice beauty.

Bat Those Lashes

It used to be that mascara was one of the most difficult products to find if you were in the market for vegan cosmetics. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With beeswax-free offerings from Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC), GlamNatural, and LUSH, the world of mascara has been transformed for the better.

The Eyes Are a Window to the Soul

Standard eye shadows often use insects as part of their ingredients, so you'll want to steer towards vegan brands to make sure you're not part of this nasty problem. Urban Decay and No Miss both boast dazzling, cruelty-free eye shadows.

Bathe Your Skin in Beauty

It also used to be a challenge to find a great cruelty-free foundation that would successfully even out your skin tone, but thankfully this has also changed. In fact, many companies are now making vegan versions of this cosmetic "staple" that goes in every woman's makeup wardrobe. Even more mainstream companies like Urban Decay have been making vegan foundations, which signifies great progress. The famous bareMinerals line, which you can save on at Sephora with coupons from Discountrue, is a cruelty-free leader in skin-perfecting mineral makeup. With these brands, you’ll never have to sacrifice your vegan ethics for beautiful, fresh skin.

With so many fantastic options available nowadays, shopping for cruelty-free cosmetics no longer has to be a hassle. These products make women feel beautiful on the outside, but also keep them feeling guilt-free and gorgeous on the inside as well.

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  1. Support
    These seem like great products! We're pinning this now to our Pinterest board: "Vegan Beauty". Thanks for the post Emma!
  2. JulesJS
    Hi there. i was just in Sephora today so this is a fresh topic on my mind. I believe that bareMinerals and Urban Decay both have been bought by companies that DO test. I think L'oreal owns UD and Shiseido owns bareMinerals. BOOOOO....


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