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Plan By Recycling Now for that Organic Spring Garden
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Plan By Recycling Now for that Organic Spring Garden

Many vegans love to eat organic vegetables and fruits, but complain about the cost. It is possible to grow your own vegetables and fruits or at least supplement your grocery bill even if you live in a condominum or high rise apartment. Have you considered container gardening? Most people agree that recycling is good for the planet. Since many farmers are in the middle of the harvest, very few of you are thinking about that spring garden. Gardeners, you will be happy that you planned ahead this fall by recycling a few items when planting time arrives in the spring.l

Water Bottles: Okay admit it! Sometimes you or a family member purchases bottled water or soda drinks. Wash those plastic bottles and save them to fill the empty space in the bottom of a container before you start placing soil in the container. The plastic bottles are an excellent product to promote proper drainage.

Plastic Children's Pools: Plastic children's pools usually survive only one summer swimming season. These pools are excellent garden spots for a small spring container garden. Patch the hole, line the bottom with rocks for drainage, fill with soil, plant seeds, water well and keep those weeds pulled.

Fishing Nets or Window Screens: Recycle old fishing nets or window screens by saving for spring. Fishing nets and old window screens can be patched and placed over a plastic children's pool or other container to keep birds at bay.

Flower Pots and Hanging Baskets: Tomato plants can easily be grown in flower pots. You will need a stake to place in the flower pot for the plant and some rocks for drainage or save those water bottles. Remember the hanging basket that you received for Mother's Day filled with beautiful flowers, do not discard it. Strawberries or even green beans can be grown in hanging baskets and hung near the back door for convenience.

Wheelbarrel: Many of you have rusted wheelbarrels. Rather than discarding that wheelbarrel, line the bottom with rocks or water bottles, then fill with soil and plant vegetables from okra to squash.

May these recycling ideas jump start your thinking caps to prepare for a spring garden in 2013! If you have additional recycling ideas or organic gardening ideas, please feel free to comment below! Happy gardening!

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  1. dianabart
    Awesome post Carolyn! I need to get brave and creative and plant my own fruits and veggies... I do not complain about cost anymore, because I realize we paid much more in bad health then we do now... I realize that my family and I are 'priceless!' Will share! and voted! :-)
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Diana for the vote and comment! Young children love to garden. It can be a family project.
  2. SnakeWitch
    Great ideas! Voted!
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks SnakeWitch! I appreciate the vote!
  3. Teresa
    I too, think that this is an excellent work. Never thought, that a person could use the old items that we normally use for our family as ways to start our own garden. I miss having to help my mother, and grandparents with theirs. What about old milk bottles? Do you think, that they also, will make good usage for starting a gardening in the apartment? If so, please,do let me know. That way, my sons, and I can start one on our own. Got my vote on this one.
    1. Carolyn
      Teresa, I am thinking that you could cut the top off an old milk jug and plat directly in the bottom portion, then utilize the top part in a larger container for drainage or cut the whole jug into 4 separate sections for drainage in a larger container. Thanks for the vote and comment!
  4. pftsusan
    Vote #7. I've actually done this living in an apartment. I used organic soil and bought the plastic planters. There are several other things to consider: How tropical is your weather; where the sun is; in the apartment complex whether your neighbors are hanging out outside with illegal substances that they can flick in there; whether the landscapers will run over or pull apart your plants. So I think for an apartment complex, it's better to go with the indoor garden with seeds that don't need that much sunlight to grow and do well as they don't need pollination from the bees. I heard that green and beans and peas are good for this. Now, what I liked about this, is using the recycables for the planters.
    1. Carolyn
      Susan, what about hanging baskets? You are right about various considerations. A person will have to select what works best for his/her house or apt. Thanks for the vote and comment.
      1. pftsusan
        I can do hanging outside. Good suggestion.
  5. Sheila Ray
    Great post. Voted!
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Sheila for the vote!


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