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Pig Festival: Animal Rights Activist Handcuffs Himself to a Pen
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Pig Festival: Animal Rights Activist Handcuffs Himself to a Pen

Frédéric Thériault jumped into the pig's pen used for national greased pig race and handcuffed himself to the bucket used to accommodate pets. The activist, topless with "Animal Liberation" written on his back, was taken out of the festival by security guards before being delivered to the local authorities.

"I'm handcuffed to show that animals have rights, such as not to end up in this place. My action aims to raise awareness. Today, we can make the choice to stop exploiting living things for our gustatory pleasure" said the activist on the board of the LCN channel.

He used this event with his girlfriend to show that our society makes no sense anymore and has to "wake up". 

Animal Welfare Controversy

This event was already criticized by hockey player Georges Laraque, also animal rights activist, who asked for a boycott for this 2014 edition. He had qualified in June that racing greased pigs was "disgusting" and a degrading spectacle, a speech supported by the Montreal SPCA.

"Like eating meat is not enough and we need to use animals as we wish, do what we want for our entertainment, it makes no sense."

"What’s wrong with people in that area? Bring your kids to watch that, what do you teach them? What kind of person likes to see pigs run after in the mud? "He said on his facebook page.

Tens of thousands of visitors

The Pig Festival is organized at St. Perpetua in the Center-of-Québec since 1978. This event brings together some 40,000 visitors at each edition. In addition to the "national greased pig race", the program also consists of "extreme challenge boar" or "race family pigs." The organizers also offer various menus to consume pork. 

You can watch this festival in more images here

Photo source: TVA nouvelles

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