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Infamous Vegan Pig Destroyer Pizza Impresses Omnivores
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Infamous Vegan Pig Destroyer Pizza Impresses Omnivores

Veganism is becoming bigger and bigger. All around the world, people are deciding to ditch their meat-based diets and try a new way of life. It might be for religious reasons, health issues or something else altogether, but the number of vegans is on the rise. One thing that everyone worries about when switching to a new diet is the variety of food. Well, one incredible pizza and snack bar is showing that vegans can enjoy meat-free varieties of the same great foods that everyone else is eating each day. Apiecalypse Now, a humorously named vegan restaurant in Toronto, Canada, has created an incredible pizza recipe that allows non-meat eaters to enjoy the experience of a meat feast pizza. They call it the Pig Destroyer Destroyer.

The idea is a little contradictory, but the result is proving to be very popular. The pizza recipe itself was concocted by the restaurant’s chef, Jen Bundock. Bundock revealed that the pizza was developed in order to respond to a classic vegan dilemma: how can people follow a vegan diet and still enjoy the great flavors and experiences of classic American food? Well, this pizza proves that you don’t need to eat meat to enjoy the sensation of a meat-filled pizza. The Pig Destroyer Destroyer is 12-inches in size and costs just $18. Bundock claims to offer refunds for any unsatisfied customers, but so far she hasn’t had to give anybody their money back.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not just vegans who are enjoying this popular pizza. The recipe is equally enjoyed by non-vegan customers accompanying their vegan friends or people who just want to try something different. The pizza itself is actually named in reference to a genuinely meaty pizza: the Pig Destroyer, which is on the menu at Sizzle Pie, a pizza restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Essentially, Bundock says she was trying to prove that meat fans could enjoy vegan pizzas as well. She even believes that the Pig Destroyer Destroyer really is a better pizza than the original Pig Destroyer. This is partly because the vegan version comes complete with five different styles of faux meat, compared to the three types of real meat on Sizzle Pie’s pizza.

To make the pizza, Bundock begins with a handmade dough. She then adds some bacon bits, faux chicken, seitan chorizo, faux pepperoni and soy curls coated in barbecue sauce. She then sprinkles some vegan-friendly cheese and artichoke hearts over the top before letting the whole thing bake. Impressively, the flavor of this pizza really is reminiscent of a genuine meat feast recipe, with many customers being blown away by just how delicious the Pig Destroyer Destroyer really is. With this recipe, Bundock has recognized that even vegans can love and enjoy the tastes and textures of meaty products without any harm actually being done to a single animal. It’s a winning recipe and will certainly impress a lot of customers, regardless of their own dietary choices.


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