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Pet Prayer Websites: Positive Energy for Sick Pets
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Pet Prayer Websites: Positive Energy for Sick Pets

My beloved cat, Joey, was dying of cancer and nobody really understood what I was going through. Sure, I had the sympathy of friends and co-workers, but nobody really, really got it.

"Yeah, I guess I'm kind of down today because Joey stopped eating. I'm just so scared I'll come home from work and find him . . . you know . . . not alive."

"That's terrible." (Pause.) "So how's everything else?"

When you have a dying pet, your furry friend is your everything else. You feel it churning in your body, your mind, and your heart – all the stress, love, worry, pain. Questions about when it will happen. Questions about how you'll handle it. Most of all, questions about what you can do to help your beloved friend.

I prayed for Joey, and I asked a few friends to say prayers, too. I believe prayer creates positive energy in the world, and I wanted that for Joey. It was the least I could give him.

Whether my friends really prayed or secretly rolled their eyes at their vegetarian cat freak friend, I'll never know. But I'm sure it wasn't a burning issue on the forefront of their minds, as it was mine.

Then I found a pet prayer website.

The website I found (now defunct) took prayer requests for ailing pets. I registered for free and entered some information about Joey and what I wanted for him. Pretty soon I was getting encouraging emails from people around the world who were diligently saying prayers for my cat. It was magical.

Joey did pass away, but it was peaceful.  He actually lived a lot longer than the vet told me he would, and I am grateful for that.  After his passing, I updated his information on the prayer site. For a month or so, I continued to receive emails. One woman told me that my angels were proud of the good work I did serving my cat. Another told me that Joey was now running free, like he did when he was a kitten.

Skeptics would say it was all a bunch of baloney, but skeptics can go fly a kite, as far as I'm concerned. I got what I wanted for Joey: prayers and positive energy sent his way.  And through my affiliation with the site, I got something I needed, too.

If you're a pet parent in need of some pet prayers, it's easy to find online sites that will do this for you. Here are a few I found: Here you can post prayer requests in a guest book. Others will read and pray for your pet. You, in turn, help them pray for their pets.

EternalAnimals.Com A site where you can post prayer requests and read related articles. Overseen by a Dr. Reverend Peter Hammond. Note: there is one tab where they try to sell e-books, but it doesn't seem pushy.

Animal Prayer Chain An FB page where you can post your prayer requests.

There are plenty of other pet prayer sites online, too; this is just a smattering of what's available. I truly hope you don't need this kind of service right now (or ever!) but if you do, it's a comfort to know it's there.

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  1. beachgurl
    A really lovely positive post. I have a dog in "hospice" now, so i can empathize.
  2. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    I'm sorry that is happening to you and your pup, Beachgurl. Prayers to you and your friend.
  3. pftsusan
    Hi Melissa. I just added you to my bloggers and voted. I'm sorry that you lost Joey. ....Beachgurl, I hope the baby is still living....I had to my first cat down a year ago June 13th. I had 14.5 wonderful years with him. It was kidney disease and cancer. He's resting in peace and will be together again some day. Having my second cat does help the grieving. She is an ESA. We pray together every night. I would like for her to prosper and live a long quality life. If you could keep that in prayer.
    1. beachgurl
      I love this blog site! You all feel like family. My beautiful baby Ginger, who is half Chesapeake Bay Retriever and half Golden and weighs around 100# is still with me. Every day is a gift. Thanks for reaching out. It means more than you know.
      1. Melissa Nott
        Melissa Nott
        It really does mean a lot to connect with other pet parents, especially in times of loss or even the fear of loss. I'm sure you will cherish this special time with Ginger.
      2. Melissa Nott
        Melissa Nott
        It really does mean a lot to connect with other pet parents, especially in times of loss or even the fear of loss. I'm sure you will cherish this special time with Ginger.
    2. Melissa Nott
      Melissa Nott
      Thank you! Losing a cat, or any beloved pet, is so painful. I had to share Joey's story for that reason. Thanks for responding and sharing.
  4. deepam
    so touching, thanks for sharing about the site dear. Prayers do work


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