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Perfect Vegan Halloween Treats
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Perfect Vegan Halloween Treats

For Halloween, there are parties. There are get-togethers. Then, there is the night of trick-or-treating. As vegans, it is difficult to find something to prepare for these occasions as we want to give the children something that they like, but something that is vegan and still affordable. Is home-made the best choice? I will let you decide. I scoured the internet to see what options were out there. Here is what I've found:

1- Home-made peanut butter cups and chocolate covered cookies. These treats may take a while and may not be easy to prepare for trick-or-treating - although still very much doable - but for a party, these would be perfect.

2- Home-made popcorn. Since store-bought is usually covered in either real butter or some sort of dairy-laden or chemical margarine, making it at home can be the right alternative. Furthermore, it is easy to add a flavour, such as dill or a bit of cayenne, to make them interesting. Either get a popcorn machine or pop on the stove. Then, put them in small baggies and tie with a bit of thick thread, elastic or ribbon. Or. to stay with the Halloween theme, buy a box of tranparent plastic gloves and stuff them with the popcorn. Put a bit of red paint or red colouring on the gloves and you have bloody popcorn hands!

3- Vegan candy corn. It looks like a lot of fun to make. This is easy to wrap in Saran Wrap or bits of aluminum foil, or if you're feeling creative, maike little cloth bags to reuse old scraps.

4- Vegan pudding shots. Sure, this is for the party, but it really is a treat - and when there's both no baking AND green veggies involved, it's a treat for both parents and kids!

5- Ready-made candies. Yes, there is a list of ready-made candies available... for the busy-bodies or those who just cannot cook treats! You can also click here or here, or there is also here.

6- The Chocolate Emporium has some vegan chocolate pops for sale.

7- Make your own chocolate pops. All you need are the molds, vegan chocolate, sticks, and if you want, flavours and colours. Many places offer these - such as department stores, Bulk Barn, Michael Moore's, and many more. Look up your local do-it-yourself candy and baking supply stores.

8- If you can afford these guys, go for it: Premier Chocolatiers have no-milk 'milk' chocolates.

9- There's still time to order from Amazon to get YummyEarth Organic lollipops.  

10- GleeGum is not only vegan, it's natural.

11- Why not give the kids stickers? No need to give them actual candy. You can always give them something small and inexpensive that is just as fun as candy.

12- Endangered Species Chocolates is a feel-good brand - they give back to a cause as well as being vegan!  

13- Sjaak's organic chocolates are great vegan treats for you and your kids.

14- Pure Fun are organic, kosher, vegan and allergen-free.


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*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Anita Vegana
    These are good for other times, too. Many of these can be used for normal parties, other holiday parties, and fixed up a bit differently with a bit of imagination for things like Christmas and Valentine's Day, for example. I like this post.
  2. kristo
    how cool would it be if some of these things were given out! Remember those disgusting blackish toffee candies in the orange paper? eeew. voted :)
  3. JustVegan
    isn't that a great list to choose from:) voted.
  4. Roopam
    These are great. You really are so creative and your posts so informative always. Its such a great feel during Halloween. Voted! Do come and visit my post on a recipe for Broccoli cooked Indian style and vote if you can.
  5. Veganara
    Voted. Some very inventive ideas here, as ever! I have just posted a recipe for Mushroom Croustades which I think would be good for Bonfire Night, please check it out!
  6. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Cool 'Halloween' Post...rele liked it....Voted!
  7. Veghead
    Voted. What a great idea for a blog!


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