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People Like This Make Eating Out As A Vegan Scary
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People Like This Make Eating Out As A Vegan Scary

You have the right to know what is in your food. Period.

  • Treating Vegans Badly 

A hotel chef has been fired after he took to Instagram with tales about how he used to secretly put meat in people's foods. Alex Lambert got fired from his job at Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby after vegans responded to the horrible post. Some reviewed the hotel poorly and demanded that Lambert get sent away. 

  • What's Really Cooking?

Sometimes it's not just what a chef could do to your food but also what ingredients could be going in that are animal-derived but not monitored closely enough. For instance, if the chef at a restaurant fries bacon in oil, he might then re-use that oil to fry a vegan's potato chips without seeing any problem with this. Another example is if someone makes a chicken stir-fry and then uses those utensils to touch some other vegan food. These sometimes feel out of control for vegan customers. What are you supposed to do, ask to go see the kitchen or watch while chefs make your food?

  • Don't Lose Your Appetite

No, you don't want to be paranoid or anything. The best you can do is check out the Happy Cow app and choose vegan restaurants in your area that have been highly rated to make you feel a bit more reassured of the quality that's going into the establishment. You should also do your homework into restaurants, such as by checking them out on review sites or visiting their social media pages. Research vegan foods offered there and try to avoid animal products as  much as possible. Although you can never be 100% sure of what's going on behind the scenes, you can empower yourself as much as possible. You should also be unafraid to ask questions of waiters and chefs if need be. If you had a peanut allergy, you would be neurotic about restaurant foods - why should a vegan lifestyle be considered less important?  


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  1. Support
    Can't believe someone would even joke about such things! Thanks for sharing, Giulia!
  2. Conchita
    Thank you for this. I did not know this could happen but did suspect as much. I will check out the app, thanks for the heads up.


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