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Pamela Anderson Gets Sensual with Vegan Internet Cooking Show
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Pamela Anderson Gets Sensual with Vegan Internet Cooking Show

Pamela Anderson, the Canadian-American star famous for her roles in shows like Baywatch and Home Improvement, along with her successful modelling career, has decided to create her own vegan cooking show on the internet. In the show, Anderson and one of her close friends Delahna Flagg, show viewers at home some of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare meals that follow the values of traditional vegan diets. The show is “The Sensual Vegan”, And Anderson plays the sensual role (corresponding with her public persona), while Flagg maintains a more practical demeanor.

Anderson has made a name for herself as an active supporter of animal rights causes, and this online cooking show is just the latest in a long string of actions the star has taken to defend animals and raise awareness about environmentally-friendly causes. The model and producer has also campaigned against causes like seal hunting and the use of fur. 

The idea behind The Sensual Vegan came from Anderson’s own experiences. The star has talked openly about the fact that many people are interested in a vegan diet, but don’t have the first idea of where to really start. Most people learn their eating habits from their own family cooking culture She reveals that the show is intended as a starter point for people who are new to veganism and looking for some simple recipes to get started. Anderson herself admits to having little knowledge of cooking, claiming that “toast, peanut butter, and sweet potatoes” are the only things she is capable of preparing. However, thanks to her work on the SV series with her talented and knowledgeable new co-host, Anderson's own cooking knowledge is growing exponentially.

The series is broken into ten-minute long vignettes, and has so far covered some beautiful and wholesome recipes which include:

  • Quinoa Ginger/Fennel Salad
  • White/Red Bean Salad
  • Lentil Bean Stew

The videos are filmed in Anderson’s home kitchen, and take viewers through the cooking process in a step-by-step fashion. As one would expect from the title, Anderson adds her own brand to the series, through the use of certain innuendo and sassy commentary. The series takes a lighthearted and refreshing look at cooking that viewers will surely appreciate. It's vegan cooking with a hilarious, sexy twist. 

Veganism can seem quite daunting for early adopters, so less guarded approaches like that of The Sensual Vegan have potential to go a long way to creating approachable veg communication with those adamant about maintaining an unhealthy Standard American Diet.

Anderson has high hopes for the project, looking to publish a vegan cookbook early next year, which should also offer a wealth of delicious recipes for vegans of all ages and ability levels. Even if you have only a passing interesting in veganism, The Sensual Vegan is definitely a must-watch.

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