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Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Boot Line
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Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Boot Line

Pamela Anderson, the actress, model, author and animal rights activist, has recently unveiled yet another one of her numerous eco-friendly projects. This time around, the famous Canadian-American Baywatch star has launched her own brand of boots. That might not sound too impressive at first, but this footwear is particularly special. In fact, these boots are actually vegan-friendly, offering a great and stylish option for vegans, vegetarians or people in general who prefer to live lifestyles that minimize their impact on animals and the environment. This latest addition to Anderson’s catalogue of products is an exciting one and could be the start of a new trend involving eco-friendly clothing alternatives.

Anderson has been involved in various media projects over the years, but she revealed that these boots, which she has named Pammies, represent a project that has truly been close to her heart for about fifteen years. The actress and produce is understandably elated and proud to finally have launched her new boot line and will be hoping that her Pammies become popular around the world. The process of making the boots was actually delayed due to an absence of materials. Pammies are created from fabrics that derive from recycled electronic products. Fifteen years ago, Anderson recalls that people scoffed at the idea of making boots from such products.

Anderson has taken part in countless campaigns for animal rights and the protection of the environment over the years, but this project is especially important for her. In fact, it represents a way to compensate for the damage she felt that she had personally done by popularizing the Ugg brand of boots. These boots were frequently worn by the star on the show Baywatch, leading to a big boom in popularity for the global brand. However, those boots are made from shearling, a product derived from sheep or lamb skin. The star regrets the fact that she helped to popularize a brand with betrays her own ethical code. Indeed, Ugg boots became commonly known as “Pammies”, which also helped to inspire the star. She decided to make a genuine “Pammies” brand to symbolize her values.

It might be hard to imagine that boots made from recycled electronics could be stylish, but Anderson clearly knows what she’s doing. The boots themselves have aesthetically pleasing designs and Anderson will be hoping they can compete with the biggest brands in the business. In order to give her marketing program a bit of a boost, the actress has also vowed to purchase pairs of these boots for all of her friends and family this holiday season. If you choose to purchase your own pair, every effort is taken to ensure that the boots are as environmentally-friendly as possible. A dollar from every purchase is donated to Anderson’s charity and the shoes themselves are packed in eco-friendly boxes. These Pammies truly are the perfect boots for vegans or anyone who wants to do their part for the animal world.


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