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Fall Organic Vegetable Gardening: Winter's Coming, But There's Still Lots to Grow
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Fall Organic Vegetable Gardening: Winter's Coming, But There's Still Lots to Grow

As the weather gets colder and the nights close in, it's easy to start neglecting your garden. But home grown plants are one of the best ways to get plenty of fresh, tasty organic fruit and vegetables, and even at this time of year there's lots to do in the organic veg garden.

Counter-intuitive as it might seem, this is a great time of year for planting. With the soil still warm from the summer, but the weather starting to get damper, it's the perfect time to plant out a new fruit tree which can relish that soil. For those with less space, or less grand schemes, you can plant overwinter salads and oriental greens, and one of the best things about these is that they don't need a big plot - suitable varieties can even be grown in a pot on your windowsill, where they'll benefit from plenty of sunlight and avoid winter frosts. It's also the time to put out onions and even garlic if the climate where you are is warm enough - I live in northern England, so the garlic will have to wait.

Of course there's harvesting to do - cabbages and cauliflowers, pumpkins and squashes, root crops and the last of the apples are all up for grabs this month. Best of all, these are crops that will keep you fed through the winter. Apples, squash and root vegetables will all last well if stored in a cool, dry place.

If you don't want to plant yet then you can improve your soil by digging over heavy clay or sowing green manures, the magic, easy growing plants that make your soil richer. If lots of leaves fall in your garden you can assemble a leaf bin from four fence posts wrapped around with chicken wire. Fill it with deciduous leaves and in eighteen months you'll have a lovely, rich leaf mulch to care for your next round of planting.

And if all of that sounds like hard work rather than fun, why not keep yourself entertained while you work by listening to a podcast. Food For Thought, The Vegan Option and the Rich Roll Podcast are all interesting options on vegan topics. One of my favorites, the ever entertaining British History Podcast, even has an episode on the vegan options in Dark Age dinners (episode 51 if you want to find it).

So what are you waiting for? Lets get out there and enjoy the autumn garden!


Photo by Liz West via Flickr creative commons.

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