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How Organic Fabrics Are Changing the World
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How Organic Fabrics Are Changing the World

The fact is - we are getting more environmentally conscious every day. Most of us are trying to minimize our carbon footprint and the negative influence that we have on the planet, but we have already been polluting for far too long. If we want a cleaner world tomorrow, we’ll have to make up for centuries of carelessness. Increase in the use of organic fabrics for clothing is a step in the right direction, for a number of reasons.

What Do We Stand to Gain?

World wide, the industry has an amazingly large output; after all, (nearly) everyone needs clothes. This issue becomes especially prominent when you consider shopaholics whose closets at all times hold enough clothes to outfit a smaller village. Buying organic clothing means not only that you can safely dispose of it once you grow tired of it, as it is biodegradable, but also that you are supporting sustainable, eco-friendly ways of production.

For a fabric to be organic, it has to be produced from natural fibers, that haven’t been treated with chemicals in any step of the production, from the field to the shop. That means that the clothes that you will be wearing don’t come soaked in toxic chemicals that could be absorbed by your body.

Organic Cotton

Cotton has been one of the most popular fabrics for clothing for quite a while now, and even though it is natural in origin, the typical cotton is far from being organic, due to the way it is grown and processed. Apart from the fact that it is usually grown from genetically modified seeds and that it requires troubling quantities of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it is also exposed to potentially toxic chemicals in the dying process.

For cotton to be considered organic, it has to be grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, and it mustn’t be dyed with artificial colors. Dying is not a problem, as cotton naturally comes in a variety of colors, but if you forgo the use of fertilizers and pesticides, the yield will be much lower, which is the main reason that organic cotton is usually somewhat more expensive than the typical variety. However, when you consider the significant decrease in pollution, and the fact that it is much healthier for you, a couple of extra bucks don’t seem all that terrible.


Even though growing it is still illegal in some countries, hemp clothing is becoming ever more popular. It is extremely durable, easy to wash, and it offers better UV protection than most natural fabrics. Not so long ago, clothing made of hemp used to be quite rough, but now it is as comfortable as that made of any other material.

Another benefit of supporting this industry is found in the fact that hemp grows rapidly which means that it is capable of absorbing great quantities of carbon from the atmosphere, which, quite directly, reduces the pollution and provides us all with a healthier living environment.

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