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Old Fashion Potato Cakes Anyone?
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Old Fashion Potato Cakes Anyone?


  • 6 Large Potatoes, (Uncooked, Pealed and Cut Small)
  • 2 Cups All Purpose Flour
  • 2 Egg- Substitute
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • Dash Pepper To Taste
  • Tbsp Onion Salt
  • 1 Clove Garlic-Finely Chopped
  • Dash of Oregano


Mash potatoes with potato smasher in large mixing bowl. Add remainder ingredients. Stir until well blended. Consistency must be thick.

In large skillet, pour vegetable oil. Heat on medium. With large spoon, spoon in batter into skillet. Spread evenly to prevent lumps in batter.  Cook until brown on both sides. On a plate, place a paper towel to absorb the oil.

{Makes approximately 4 to 10 cakes.}

Potato cakes have been somewhat of a tradition in my family. As I was growing up. I can recall the many a time, waking up bright and early with the sound  of roosters crowing off down by the barn when we would spend the weekends with my grandparents to a strange smell. It was  a smell, that I could not recognize.

With sleep still in my eyelids, I climbed out of bed, and walked into the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed that both, my mother, and grandmother were standing around in the kitchen with their aprons on, as they prepared breakfast.

While standing there, staring at the food which, was on the table, waiting to be seated, and grace to be said by my grandmother, I saw these little cakes, that resembled as pancakes. "What  are these?" I asked, with a curious look on my face.  "They're potato cakes," my mother told me, as she put a plate full on the table. "Would you like to try one?" grandma asked, as she began to say grace. "Sure, I guess," I said, as I bowed my head. Shortly after grace was said, mom put one  on my plate, and I gave it a try. Needless to say, I found myself hooked on them for life.

 Now that I am grown, and with a family of my own, I've yet, need to try, and make them for my own family.




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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I am a mother of four young adults. One of which, lives in a group home. I am married and have been for the past soon to be 29 years. At least, the last count I had, I am still yet, married. My husband and I are currently, separated. I am currently, not working. I was working at a fast food place called Jack In The Box. I was working for the organization for the past 10 years as a cashier. Due to some medical issues, I had to step away from it and am now, looking for ways to work here in the home. I am originally, from West Virginia. I am the youngest of six children. I love to read, listen to music, writing, sports: volley ball, which, at the moment, I am unable to do so. I love to try and play soft ball. I like riding bikes. I love taking long walks. Love camping. All in all, I'm an out door of a person.

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  1. Veganara
    Vote no 2. Great recipe, I love potato cakes too! It sounds as if you come from an Irish background like me. You may be interested in my latest blog How To Make The Perfect Vinaigrette Dressing, and if you like it, please vote!
  2. Teresa
    Veganara, thank you for the vote. Yes, I do have Irish background in my family. My grandmother's maiden name was Abshire which, is an Irish name. I'll have to check it out some time. I will promise, that I'll check on it and vote for it. Again, thanks for the vote. I'm still yet, trying to come up with recipes to do on here. I'm somewhat, still yet, new at this site. I'm in need of doing some more research and study on it for me to do more posting on here. I'll work on it though. Take care. May I ask, where do you come from? Me, I'm from West Virginia.
  3. pftsusan
    Vote #3. This is good. I have one coming up tomorrow if you want to vote.
    1. Teresa
      Thank you Susan. I just been encouraged to continue to add more of them on here. For that, I will do so. I will have to work on them some more. I will stop by and check up on yours more often as well.
  4. Veganara
    I am British-born, with an English father and Irish mother. So I have a lot of family in Ireland, the Dublin area. I live in Hampshire, in the South of England. The recipes you have done so far have been good ones, so keep it up!
  5. Teresa
    Veganara, thank you for the vote. I appreciate it. I also, want to thank you for the encouragement that you gave me. I do truly, appreciate that very much. That will drive me onward to doing more of them on here. I am glad, that I had been invited to join this little group through, Carolyn Holcomb. I know her from Good Blogs. She is a sweet lady. Again, thanks for the vote and the encouragement.
    1. Veganara
      Yes, this website is great, isn't it? I love all the encouragement and community spirit I get here as well! As far as writing blogs goes, you don't just have to submit recipes, there are a number of other categories too eg Vegan Family, Vegan Lifestyle, Animal Rights, etc. Which gives us a very free range for our blogs! We can just write about our own lives and experiences of veganism. It's always interesting to read someone else's viewpoint and experiences.
      1. Teresa
        I thank you for the encouragement of writing on other topics from this site. I am aware of the other topics here. However, I can see, that for the time being, that with me doing the recipes, that to me, it's a starting point of something even bigger than this. What of, I'm not quite sure just yet. But, I do know this though, that I do want to write and someday, become a writer. I'd like that very much. My dad, rest his soul, also, wanted to become one. It saddens me to say, that he never gotten the chance to do so. Therefore, I'm going to be making both, of our dreams a reality by becoming a writer myself. I must however, put in more serious efforts in doing so to make it happen. I have books here in my apartment, that I am reading. Not only reading, but also, writing down key notes that I need to learn about the process of the writing world within itself, and the types of genres to write for. Therefore, with not only this site, but also, a site that is called 750 words, I can obtain that strength and encouragement to become one. Grant you, I have not been on the 750 words this month just yet,but I will be getting back onto it on the first of next month and get back into my writing on there. Therefore, if I can get all the support and encouragement, the better and more confident in myself, I will become to make that dream a reality. So, I thank you very much for the encouragement that you've shown me. I greatly appreciate it. I will agree, that by being on here, there is a strong community on here. Not only for votes and comments on one another post, but, also, to bond with one another as well and develop a strong, and lasting friendships on here as well. I had done that when I was over there on Good Blogs. Now, I'm looking forward to having that on here as well. If you want the site for the 750 words, it is as follows: I do hope, that you get the chance to swing on over there and check it out. It's a motivational web site for people who wants to just sit down and write whatever is on their minds. I love it. Since being on there, you'd figure, that I would have written a book by now. Unfortunately, not as of yet. However, I'm sure, that in due time, there will be one out there in print. Then, when that happens, watch out! I will be on the ball to be doing more of the writing world on my own with a little help from the good Lord above.
  6. Carolyn
    Vote #4 Teresa! Sorry I have not been on the Flaming Vegan in a number of days and was not aware that you had posted an article! I love fried potatoes...yes they may be high in calories but sure are tasty!
    1. Teresa
      Thank you Carolyn, for the vote. I understand, that you have not been able to get on here. I'm still yet, needing to study this site and the categories on here. I've not been able to get to be on here too often as it is, my sons is wanting to be on here as well. Especially, now my oldest son, since his computer is very slow for him to get onto it. My youngest son, is also, on here,, but, not all the much because, he's busy playing a video game in the living room from time to time. I will have to work on getting my life back on the right track again. I have not been doing too well with that thought, here lately. I have been finding myself, getting on the computer more than I want to be on here, and when I do, it's not for the purpose, that it needs to be and that is, for me to find something to do here in the home. I keep finding myself doing other things instead, of finding ways to work here in the home. It's called PROCRASTINATION and it needs to stop. I just have a really hard time in stopping it. Hope, that you gotten my letter, that I had sent to you out in the mail. Please, do let me know. Well, I must go. Take care and do keep in touch when you can. Hope to hear from you again soon. Talk with you then.


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