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"Oh, You're a Vegan?"  Ten Commonly Asked Questions (And My Answers)
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"Oh, You're a Vegan?" Ten Commonly Asked Questions (And My Answers)

Often, when people find out that I’m a vegan, they feel the need to ask me about it. I enjoy this. It offers a chance for me to think about it myself, and also to potentially make people more aware of the decisions they are making. Here are the most common questions people ask me. I’m sure you will be able to relate to at least some of them.


10. What do you eat?

Hilariously, this is asked all the time. I usually just say “food”. When I expand, people seem to understand that there are heaps of alternatives, and that you don’t actually have to cut that much out of your diet.

9. Do you eat honey?

To be honest, I actually do eat honey. I don’t drink bucketfuls of it, but honey-oat is a combination I just can’t get past, and I actually believe fairly strongly in the healing properties of honey. This has led people to call me a “beegan”. Each person that says this thinks they’re the first to think of it. They’re really not.

8. If you had to eat one meat, what would it be?

I can never answer this. I just don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine it!

7. Don’t you miss meat?

 Easy. No.

6. Something vulgar which I will not elaborate on.

5. Isn’t there wool in your clothes?

Negative. It’s easy to find clothes without wool, and I actually can’t stand scratchy woolly jumpers, plus I’m way too lazy to hand-wash...

4. Do you think you will always be vegan?

No, I KNOW I will always be vegan. It’s the only way that makes sense to me and I see no alternative any more.

3. Would you eat road-kill?

Seriously, do other people get asked this all the time, or do I just have weird friends? No. Just, no. I guess ethically it doesn’t really bother me, I just think it’s gross and a bit weird.

2. Something something something protein?

Protein always comes up eventually. It's the easiest question for veggies to answer because they've been through it so many times! The truth is, a lot of foods that meat eaters eat (sausages, hamburger patties etc) are actually relatively low in protein (and really high in fat) compared to, say, lentils. Sure, there’s plenty of protein in lean red meat, poultry and fish, but humans don’t actually need very much protein, and there’s nothing you can’t get by mixing foods such as grains and seeds, nuts, legumes and tofu. Plus you get more vitamins and minerals, and less fat. BAM.

1. Why?

My answer to this has evolved over the years. Usually it would take too long to explain my reasoning, and I don’t think people want the whole story anyway. I often say “I couldn’t kill a cow, so I’m not going to eat one.” Turns out there are a lot of people who have never thought about whether they could kill a cow.

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  1. Mental4Lentilz
    Wow, at the moment there's an ad with a pic of an ultrasound right next to "If you had to eat one meat, what would it be?". Looks a lil bit wrong.
  2. BuddhasDelight
    love the protein one! and the 'i couldn't kill a cow' i totally agree and often say, i can't kill one myself and i'm not comfortable with hiring a hitman to do the dirty work for me! (butcher, shops) :) thank you for posting. voted. please view my brunch biscuits post and vote if you enjoy it. i appreciate it. thank you and blessings!
    1. Mental4Lentilz
      Thank you! I agree about the hitman theory - it's strange how some people can remove themselves from what they're eating. I'm glad I can't. About to check out your brunch biscuits!
  3. Lila
    Re: 6. ....well now you have my attention, please elaborate!
    1. Mental4Lentilz
      "When you're old enough, dear."
  4. Buster509
    Thanks for the top ten! Really, not only could I not kill a cow, pig, deer, chicken -- but have you ever looked into the big brown eyes of a cow? Ever pet a pig? Never could I kill them! (Oh, silly me...the meat comes from the refrigerated case at the market.) People have asked me, "what do you eat? just fruit and veggies?" I just nod yes. I agree with sense in trying to explain why I love my vegan life.
    1. Mental4Lentilz
      Haha thank you! I know exactly what you mean about cow's eyes - they're so huge and expressive. I had a pet sheep for six years when I was little and she was the best. I'm glad that I can't remove myself from it though, it's better that way. I have another post in vegan travel if you're interested :)
  5. leipacariem
    My favorite is something something about protein. ;-) Scientifically speaking, there's this substance called homocysteine, a by product of eating meat, which increase our body's chances of having cardiovascular diseases. I think people appreciate it more when we tie-up veganism to saving the environment and having a healthier lifestyle. ;-)
    1. Mental4Lentilz
      Yes you're exactly right - not to mention increased cancer risk!! Thanks for reading :)
  6. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog. I must try to remember these answers, for next time I get the Third Degree! I have just submitted a blog closely related to this actually, you might find it of interest. Here is the link:


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