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Oh No, Kim Kardashian! Two-Year-Old North West Spotted in Real Fur Coat
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Oh No, Kim Kardashian! Two-Year-Old North West Spotted in Real Fur Coat

Kids absorb everything you say, teach and - most importantly - do. By being vegan and saying NO to fur as a parent, you teach your child that cruelty to animals for human pleasure is simply not on. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t get the memo.  

  • Materialism and More

Their two-year-old daughter North West was recently spotted wearing a fur coat worth $3500. Why is this such a bad thing? The first reason is that the coat costs so much money. This is teaching her materialism and it’s too extravagant for a child. Even if the coat wasn’t made of fur and hadn’t resulted in the killing of any animals, letting her already wear such expensive items is making her a walking example of how people can waste money - and show off with it. Next, and even more importantly, the coat is made of fur which can cause her to become immune to the tragedy that caused that item to be made in the first place. If she is already wearing such items and thinking they’re fashionable and acceptable, then chances are she will continue to do so. Plus, just for this coat an animal had to be killed. Putting it on a child is a tarnishing of innocence. Her parents are putting their love of fur onto her, without any consideration for what it really means and how it’s such a blatant example of animal cruelty.

  • Fur is Fashion? Sadly, Yes.

Letting kids wear fur sets negative habits in place from a young age. It doesn’t help that fashion is to a large degree still comfortable with fur making an appearance in clothing and fashion accessories. Many blogs were applauding little North West’s style, calling her a fashionista. On Instagram, the picture of North West was posted by Kim Kardashian and received over a million likes. Thankfully, there were comments about how the spectacle is horrific. As one person (@kayhickinbotham) commented: 'Because why wouldn't you want to dress your toddler in the skin of a tortured dead animal to teach them what's good in life?' 

Let’s hope North West gets a better stylist.



*Image courtesy hakase420 / Dollar Photo Club

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    Thanks for the post!
  2. rebeccas
    Thanks for writing about this! Would you please sign an anti-fur petition to a growing company that is using fox and rabbit fur from china?


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