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No Fail 7-Up Berry Cobbler
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No Fail 7-Up Berry Cobbler

Cobbler! What could be better?! Using fresh local fruit from your local farmer's market obviously makes pies and cobblers even better. Looking for something to engage and impress the five senses of the kiddos in your life? Don't be intimidated by the old-timey sounds of dishes like this. In fact, there's a reason they were historically and traditionally popular: they're surprisingly easy to make! Not to mention, they can generally be conjured up out of basic pantry ingredients. While this recipe utilizes a cake mix for ease and time, you could certainly incorporate your favorite go-to crust recipe, including one that's gluten free.


Looking for something to engage and impress the five senses of the kiddos in your life? This is absolutely a great dish for children to prepare. The recipe will build confidence in a non-chef to tempt the person to try his or her new found talents with other recipes. The cobbler contains only three basic ingredients.


  • 24 ounces frozen berries (chef's choice)
  • 1 box white store bought non-pudding dry cake mix
  • 1 – 12 ounce can of diet 7-Up


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Spray a 9 x 13 inch glass baking dish with a vegetable cooking spray.
  • Place frozen berries evenly in the baking dish.
  • Berries can be placed directly from the freezer into the dish without defrosting.
  • Pour dry cake mix over the top of the berries in an even pattern.
  • Pour 7-Up on top of the cake mix without stirring.
  • The 7-Up will combine with the cake mix in the oven and form a crust for the cobbler.
  • Stirring the cake mix with the 7-Up will cause the two to combine into cake. I repeat, "Do not stir!"
  • Bake for approximately 45 minutes or until crust turns light golden brown.
  • The cobbler may be served hot topped with vanilla ice cream or is wonderful served alone.


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  1. Carolyn
    When you just need a dessert or something sweet to not exactly healthy, but it sure tastes good and is easy peazy!
  2. Charlotte
    #5 Sounds great. Would like to try this.
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks for the vote and comment Sis!
  3. Sheila Ray
    voted - interesting use of 7Up!
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks for the vote Sheila! You can use Sprite or Sierra Mist also!
  4. Akanksha
    I never knew cobbler was a food item :) trying to imagine how this thing would taste..have no oven at home so can't try!
    1. Carolyn
      Most cobblers are loaded in calories and are generally made from scratch with flour and lots of not healthy. Although the above recipe utilizing a box of cake mix is probably high in calories also, but there are times that you want something sweet and this recipe would be much easier and economical.
      1. Akanksha
        Cool..I think this one is making to the top posts..I'll be gone so congrats in advance :)
        1. Carolyn
  5. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Sounds like fun! Voted:)
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Virtually Homemade! I appreciate the vote. I posted this a little after 2:00 a.m. Central time. Due to working third shift....I just woke up about 30 minutes ago and found it had 10 votes.....very surprised!
  6. Roopam
    easy peasy for sure:) cool idea to use 7-up...never thought it could be a baking curious to try it:) #9
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Roopam for the vote and comment. Let me know how the cobbler turns out for you! : )
  7. pftsusan
    i voted for you Carol. This seems like fun.
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Susan!
  8. BuddhasDelight
    hey carolyn... maybe this is a silly question but, does it have to be diet soda? i hate the taste of artificial sweeteners and can pick them out in anything. just want to make sure this swap won't foil my attempt!
    1. SuzySnowflake
      I had the same question; would regular 7-Up work? Thanks!
  9. hbergsby
    I would argue the statement that this is "a great dish for children to prepare." Especially for a vegan - I am SO surprised you would present the use of SODA in a recipe. We finally were able to get a new nutrition policy in place at our elementary school, banning the sharing of candy, processed foods and SODA .... so this would definitely not be a recipe I would be okay with. I don't like the dry (processed) cake mix either .... I think this one is very unimaginative. Not trying to be a killjoy or hyper-critical - I love many of your other entries!!! This one just doesn't make the list.


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