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Newness of Life
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Newness of Life

The reasons for a person to choose one diet over another, are as varied as a garden full of summer flowers. The brightest one for one person could be the weight loss. For another it might be the ethical and moral aspect. For another, it might be something as simple as a dislike of fatty foods.

Whatever the reason for this choice, it brought them to this place. Now, we are vegan. The sad part of it is that sometimes, in fact, often, we are alone in our neighborhood or families, who worry that now they cannot feed us. I find this to be a singularly easy issue to fix. I will bring my own dish for others to enjoy, the same as some people bring a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers. 

The most difficult aspect of being vegan is the antagonism some people receive from others. A neighbor of mine I had an otherwise very good rapport with, posted a very nasty comparison photo of a vegan-(*witch-like, wrinkled, leathery, hopelessly unnatractive) and a carnivore (*beautiful, sexy, young) and asked in the caption, "which would you rather be with?"

Aside from my confusion, I did not understand why anyone would attack me for my diet choice. Unless, as my mother would always say when I was a child dressed oddly, they are jealous. 

If someone is overweight, as I had been, and out of shape, again, as I had been, often giving up the food they are accustomed to eating, is indeed a difficult process. Many people would rather die from heart problems (which when you are overweight, and love fried foods, lots of meats and cheeses, and tons of comfort foods, some people claim to want to do just this, without any knowledge of the pain and suffering that accompanies such a diet for the long haul) than to adjust their diet and eat healthy foods. Many people look at eating the wondrous variety of vegan options as a prison term, rather than the gourmet delights it has proven to be for my husband and myself. 

The rise in heart disease, diabetes, GOUT (which is something I had always attributed to the maladies suffered by people in the 1700's and 1800's, and then only to the very portly!), stomach ailments, and the list goes on and on, is truly surprising. America has the highest average obesity count for its population in the world( But there is hope. 

For Americans, aside from the people who really would rather eat themselves into truly unhealthy states, the movement toward veganism is moving fast across our nation. The PCRM's 21 Day Kickstart was the one that moved me from vegetarian to vegan, but the movement that cinched my foray into cooking delightfully delicious dishes was Team Beachbody's Ultimate Reset. My husband had just come back from a tour in Afghanistan of 18 months, and decided to take the plunge from vegetarian to vegan with me. He loved the food, the variety, the flavors, and the almost all you can eat aspect to eating vegetables and high quality food. 

So, for people like my friend and neighbor, maybe they are comfortable being...well, uncomfortable. But as for me and my house, we will serve the vegetables!


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  1. Katapoet
    I really like the way Katapoet conveys her experiences. I can certainly relate to her point of view.
    1. Katapoet
      It turns out my darling husband got on my account to respond to this blog. Thanks, Honey, for the support, but log in on your own next time, please? Love you!
  2. Veganara
    Voted. LOL, I wondered about that first comment, why you were referring to yourself in the third person! I agree with your husband, you do express yourself very well. You may be interested in my latest blog Reasons To Be Vegan, which covers some of the same points. If you like it, please vote!
  3. crabbymamma
    I love your writing, you are so relatable! I LOVE the line at the end!
    1. Katapoet
      Haha! Not a lot of people will get that, so thank you very much!


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