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Newly vegan and loving it!
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Newly vegan and loving it!

I decided to go vegan about 4 months ago.  So far I'm loving it and the eating itself hasn't been that difficult for me.  I'd have to say the hardest part for me is that other people can be so judgemental about it.  It's baffling how so many people try to demonize and/or dramatize veganism.  I've been lectured about how animals were put on this earth by God, just for the purpose of our eating enjoyment, told that veganism is a radical  political movement, looked down on for putting my daughter in danger of malnutrition, and called a hippie!  I think most people need to believe we are crazy in order to feel better about themselves .  Ignorance is bliss, and to think about why we choose not to eat meat makes them think about the cruelty involved in factory fariming or the health risks associated with meat.  We make it harder for them to pretend that their steak didn't just magically appear in the grocery store. And thinking about where meat comes from isn't pretty.   All I know is that I'm very happy with my choice, and feel so much better since going vegan. I'm really looking forward to sharing my experience here on The Flaming Vegan! 

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  1. Akanksha
    You are not alone Angelina, we ll go through it. But the good thing is, it is absolutely worth it :)


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